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Friday 18 December 2015

Geek Chic | Blogmas

So darlings,  I have been MIA for a day or so and with good right. I spent yesterday lusting after The Force Awakens, Star Wars Episode VII, geek chic's finest. 

Take a look at my outfit of the day

Coat- Warehouse SHOP
Pinafore- Dorothy Perkins
Jumper- Topshop
Boots- River Island SHOP
Bag- Michael Kors

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Wednesday 16 December 2015

Words to live by | Blogmas

                                                           A penny for your thoughts.
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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Fashion reads | Blogmas

Fashion is at the very forefront of our society. Whilst many are aware of the runway few know of its legacy. These books have been written with the utter most appreciation for style. Using the knowledge of their mastery an array of designers and high flying fashion industry insiders provide us with their influence and inspiration to ensure we live the most stylish life possible. 

The Influence
Mr Porter
The self deemed manual for a stylish life. Explore the insight of men's fashion and style from influences, idols and rules to live by.

A Welcomed Perspective
How to be Parisian 
Embracing the French attitude and culture. Sophistication, flirtation and admiration to the next level. 

The Power
The Woman I wanted to be
An inspiring memoir from a woman who was once a Princess and is now at the centre of the worlds leading fashion industry.

Candid truths
Candid and honest Alexa Chung shares her influences, mantras and insiders perspective of a fashion IT girl.

The legacy
The world according to Karl
Nothing but wise words from the most important man in the industry. 

The need to know
The Little Dictionary of Fashion
Everything you ever need to know. Technique, trend and taste.


Monday 14 December 2015

Christmas tree co-ordinates | Blogmas

So yesterday I finally decided to decorate my tree. I have previously discussed the many themes and colour schemes that are ultimately chic and on trend to opt for when it comes to Christmas tree decor and this year I too opted for something a little different. As you may remember the past two years I have had a mixture of pinks, purples and bronze. Whilst I adore still adore these shades it was time to switch things up a little. 
This year red and silver were my go to colours. Whilst these maybe considered traditional festive favourites my tree was far from classic. Filled with butterflies, roses and oversized baubles,  from stores including Laura Ashley and Next, I was left with a combination that fell nothing short of fabulous. For the first time ever I also bought a Christmas tree skirt from Next which I am quite simply in love with, it adds so much character to my tree whilst fitting in perfectly with the rest of my home decor. 
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Sunday 13 December 2015

Chic Secret Santa | Blogmas

Whether its secret santa or a token present, this kind of Christmas shopping can be the very worst. What do you buy someone who has everything? Someone who you don't really know or perhaps never speak to? Whilst we all know this is the kind of Christmas shopping we dread we quite often fail to realise these people can be the most fun to buy for. Take a look at my gift ideas.   

Pick up line pencils
Sharp and Blunt Pencil set, £5 SHOP

Kate Spade rotating stamp
Selfridges, £24.95 SHOP

Katy Luxton pouch
Narborough Hall online, £14.99 SHOP

Christmas pudding candle
Paperchase, £10 SHOP

Good vibes mug
Society 6 view/ Fenwicks

Copper giraffe ornament 
Fenwicks, £9

Kate Spade notebook
Selfridges, £27.95 SHOP

Light up letter
Fenwicks, £13

Adult colouring books
The Works SHOP

What are you buying your secret santa darlings? It just got that whole lot easier. post signature 

Saturday 12 December 2015

Snow is falling | Blogmas

                                       So today it snowed. You read it right, its the middle of December and it snowed.
I maybe on my 12th day of blogmas but feeling festive felt farfetched until now. With a crazy schedule it really is hard to take the time to sit back, relax and embrace the most wonderful time of the year. Whilst i've been listening to Michael Buble weeks, Christmas shopping for months and indulging in the most Christmassy activities imaginable, I just did not feel like Christmas was all around us. Until now.

Anyone who knows me knows I despise snow and I loathe cold. Today when it started snowing this was not the case. I spent my day in the outdoors, tree shopping and doing whatever I pleased. Every place I walked was like a movie scene, everyone I spoke to was ridiculously cheerful and every song that played I enjoyed.
For the first time I felt festive, not for the first time this year but for the first time in years.
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Thursday 10 December 2015

Festive Party Themes | Blogmas

When it comes to Christmas parties no one wants that cliche three course meal and DJ dance floor. We are in an era where anything is possible, luxury is attainable and the cities are filled with sass. This festive period why don't you try something a little different to celebrate? 
The best parties are those where expectations are overruled and never outshone.

Nativity...The true meaning of Christmas shouldn't be relegated to those childhood years. Whilst we spent our childhood dressed as barn yard animals and stars we wouldn't dare dream of it these days or would we?

Ice Skating... Rent an ice rink. If your venue is exclusive to you and your guests this is the best opportunity to avoid that traditional Christmas party we already mentioned and do something a little bit sassier and fun. Even those who despise ice skating will give it a try and enjoy it. 

Winter in Aspen... This is your ultimate Christmas night in. Sure going out is fabulous but if you need to get in the Christmas mood a night in is your key to success. With your favourite people, finest festive treats and all your Christmas decor there is simply nothing you would enjoy more. Instead of using your house why don't you travel to a hotel in the middle of nowhere and allow yourself to have a carefree and effortless night. Think log fires, mulled wine and gingerbread houses, the only thing missing is snow.

Europe in a day... Europe is a flight away. Within an hour or so you can find yourself in France, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands. Whether you want to shop in Paris, go cultural in Belgium, experience the infamous Amsterdam or dance on the tables of the German beer bars this is one Christmas party you will never forget.

New Year
Gatsby... Whilst this completely chic party theme has been glamourised by many starlets its brilliance can never be diminished. For me the Great Gatsby is the perfect theme for New Year. Speakeasies, jazz and flappers all around, the Golden Age in all its glory is filled with money and desire.

Casino Royal...Think Monaco. Sophisticated, sexy and daring. We are talking poker tables, floor length dresses and martinis all around. This is perhaps the most chic idea of them all and the perfect way to enter the New Year.

Saints and sinners... We are talking Chuck Bass and Gossip Girl. There is nothing more exciting than mystery and curiosity. The idea of a masked ball appears cliche but not if you allow your guests to choose whether they are a saint or a sinner. The choice makes it all that more daring and the best way to say au revoir to the year.

New Year at sea... Remember that time Lauren Conrad celebrated her birthday on a boat? This is the perfect way to enter 2016. Not only do you have the potential to be enjoying a high society event in the most unusual venue but everything from fireworks to movie like scenes is at your feet.  
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Lets talk Christmas | Blogmas

Q.What is your favourite part about Christmas?
A. I adore Christmas markets but having lived in Germany for nine years nothing in the UK quite lives up to those in Aachan. If my crazy schedule would allow me to jet off to there or a city like Berlin I would in an instance. 

Q. Love or loathe Christmas shopping?
A. Love. 
Whilst many would tire or get frustrated at the thought of a city like London during the festive period I love it. You could leave me in Selfridges or Harrods and return for me hours later. Christmas is the time to treat your loved ones so yes I do get a little excessive but giving those gifts on Christmas day is the part I look forward to the most.  

Q. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
A. Either Love Actually or The Holiday- please don't make me choose between them. Whilst not only does The Holiday have the ultimate Christmas vibes and some major house goals it also includes the perfect line up with Jude, Cameron, Kate and Jack. Love Actually also has an amazing cast (looking at you Hugh Grant) and the many different stories incorporated into the movie provide you with that feel good feeling. Whilst many favour the Grinch or Elf, Christmas is a time for a little holiday romance and these two films give you just that.

Q. What is your favourite Christmas song?
A. Anything Michael Buble. That voice is a dream

Q. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
A. Always Christmas morning (if Santa has been). I never place my presents under the tree prior to Christmas eve.

Q. Have you asked for anything this year?
A. Whilst my wish list is extensive (as always) it is full of luxury products that I would never expect anyone to buy for me. I often ask for vouchers and end up saving to buy whatever I desire. Last year I bought a Michael Kors handbag.

Q. Your Christmas Day outfit?
A. I have never and will never be a lover of Pyjama days. On Christmas you will often find me wearing a skirt and one of my favourite Winter knits, although not always festive. My go to colours are often red or berry with of course a lip colour to match.

Q. Have you ever considered a Christmas abroad?
A. A million times. I am up for trying something a little different during the holiday season. Christmas in the sun? Why not.

Q. Christmas tree colour scheme?
A. Watch this space. 

Q. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
A. One year we were travelling to England for Christmas so Santa came early. He delivered me a TV/DVD player with Lizzie McGuire the movie. Whilst my sister rode her new bike down the street I was busy indulging in the ultimate chick flick as Lizzie took Rome.

Q. What is your favourite Christmas food?
A. So technically it isn't that festive but macaroons top my list. I am relatively good all year around so when it is time to indulge these are my favourites.

Q. What is the one place you would love to visit during the festive period?
A. New York or Paris.
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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Festive Glam | Blogmas

When it comes to Christmas, glam is everything and creating your perfect face of the day has the ability to transform your look into something magical. This is a time where wearing glitter, shimmer and all things sparkle is a necessity as opposed to something out of the ordinary. Perhaps you are off to party the night away in the city or maybe you just want to look head to toe flawless in the office?There are no limitations in the month of December darlings-  glam is our favourite topic of conversation.

The Dior Star foundation is a product of pure luxury. Whilst it maybe at the higher end of the cosmetics budget, for a foundation, the cost is worth the while. Like many other brands Dior skin match using their own app yet unlike many other brands Dior get it right. The shades offered are the perfect for your day to day skin tone and also for when you have a tan (natural or false) meaning you don't find yourself having to constantly switch it up. This is one foundation that really does last all day and requires no help in its setting.


Everyone knows that Urban Decay highlighter is famous worldwide but not many are aware that there is such a product whose existence is dedicated to exemplifying all your finest facial features. Urban Decay illuminator is a favourite of mine when it comes to the party season. Whilst creating an iconic shimmering glow the added glitter is perfect for any part of your entire body that is on show. This really does feel like old school shimmer that adds a significant dose of glam even to the most basic make up looks.

The product of the year, and on many Christmas wish lists, is the Urban Decay Naked smoky palette. Whilst I have discussed this palette many times over the past month such talk has been fleeting. Now it is time to focus on the array of exclusives and best sellers found within this product. Each shade really is the best it could possibly be. The rich colour with a touch of sparkle pave the way for the perfect Christmas eye look. Now this is one palette that takes some getting use to as each look is built up from numerous colours. I currently use the first Naked palette in my day to day look and always find myself drawn towards the right hand side of the palette- the darker side but its time things got a little more darker. My favourite colours that I use without fail on every occasion are Radar and Dirty Sweet to provide a setting for my overall eye look. Browns and golds are always complimentary for brunettes.

During the festive period I enjoy pairing my favourite Mac quad (pictured at the beginning) with the Smoky palette. Where sometimes the smoky palette can be overbearing and that little too dark we can  always rely on Mac to add that touch of glamour to take any harsh features away from your look and plunge it into the spotlight.

So this year I didn't have time to get my individual eyelash extensions attached (my scheduling has been crazy) so instead I relied heavily on my favourite mascara. They're real provide the same effect as false lashes adding length and volume in the deepest noir. You can manipulate this brush to build up the most divine lash look, the look you desire.


This is perhaps my favourite product of all. The Naked flushed palette flourishes during the Christmas period because every single product within can be used. Whilst I use the bronzer and highlighter all year around the blush I own is without a doubt a Winter shade. A combination of the three provides the correct amount of tan, glow and colour to your cheekbones. Whilst your eye look maybe phenomenal it is nothing without exquisite tones running throughout your complexion to compliment it.

It's Christmas darlings and red lipstick needs no explanation. Red is everything and I would never opt for anything else during the festive period. My go to brand has always been Yves Saint Laurent when it comes to red lips and it has never failed me. This make up product is so crucial to my festive cosmetic set I often find it central as I base my entire ensemble around this lip colour.

Like red lips, red nail varnish is all the rage. When it comes to day to day I always ensure my mani is flawless and find myself wearing glitters, effects and bold colours. However when it comes to evening festive glam I divert back to my beloved red Louboutin Rouge. Like red lipstick this iconic beauty product has forever worked wonders so wouldn't I wear it at the time of year it flourishes? 

Which is your favourite make up product when it comes to festive glam?
Are you glitter, bold, smoky or everything in between? 
Be sure to let me know darlings! 
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