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Monday 22 November 2021

Time to break it off baby

It's that time of year again, when it's all things go and there is simply not enough time to breathe. The real question is when you're taking all that time looking out for other people who is flagging you down and saying its time to take a step back. We all need our time to shine but it often goes unnoticed when things are turning all consuming and you're about to dwindle. It's time to take a break and here is how you know you need it :-

The struggle to stay awake- The best of us can all run off 4 hours sleep a night but this will only be sustainable for so long. If you are like me you can rise and shine the second your alarm goes off. A coffee later and you are ready for the day ahead but the second it hits that 3pm mark your pace slows and your energy suffers meaning you will never flourish as the day draws to a close.

Lack of patience- Maybe you have the patience of a saint but a real tell tale sign is when you find yourself irritated with even the smallest of things. Its not always fair and its not always reasonable but when you are run down and exhausted the tiny little things will make or break your day, how crazy it is something so small will get to you? 

Planning becomes a thing of the past-  Having it 'together' might not always mean you are the most organised person in the world, but it does mean you should be able to get by with ease. Forgetfullness, taking too much on or the struggle to make decisions all contributing towards a downfall, stop it happening before it arrives.

Stress levels - Stress comes in many forms and is detrimental to your health and well being. You find yourself checking in with others but did you take time to check in on yourself? How will you shine babygirl when you are the one hanging by a thread?

Sleepless- Whats worse than tiredness? When you are so tired but your brain hits overdrive. If you catch yourself working until the late hours of the evening or playing catch up with what you've missed during the day how can you expect yourself to put it to switch off in the click of a finger? Wild dreams and nightmares are also a major sign you need to slow your mind down.

Irrational thoughts- The thing with irrational thinking is you convince yourself you are right. This can be when you are tired, when you are stressed and when you do not have the time to think it through. You may jump to conclusions, make reckless decisions or think the extremes over the smallest of things.

It just takes one of these things to make you crack. As we enter the busiest season of them all its time to check in on your mindset. A girl can grind but she can also crumble.
Maybe its your turn to break it off, recharge and take a step back (even if that is only for a second ;) 
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