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Friday, 4 December 2015

Festive Favourites with Ciate | Blogmas

We all know that Christmas is a time for some serious glam and serious glam means the perfect mani. Choosing a Christmas shade can be all too overwhelming because for once the choice is unlimited. Whilst many opt for gel or acrylics I prefer my natural nails. I change my nail colour two or three times a week and a two week unchippable gel creation would have me bored within the day (although they do look flawless).

The festive period sees our favourite beauty brands go head to head for our love and attention. Whilst I have many favourite brands (MANY) it is Ciate that provide the most significant collection of Christmas colours. Here is a snippet of what they have to offer; NOTE- whether bold, glitter, matte or shine there are NO limitations when it comes to a Christmas mani, we adore over the top and experimental.

A blue blue Christmas ...
Yule Rules, Naughty or Nice?, Blizzard

I adore blues and silvers when it comes to any time of the year but during the Winter months these are the ultimate go to. Whilst their cool and collective vibes look effortless their presence is simply chic and utterly divine!

Sugar and spice ...
Candy Cane, Wrap star!, Glitter ball

Confession, these colours are always a favourite of mine- anything a little sassy and sweet. I am obsessed with anything that contains a little sparkle and the best feature of these nail polishes are their consistency. These are glitter polishes and not your usual glitter overlay which means they can be removed with ease. Ciate provides you with a wide range of colours and shades, after all we love choices! 

Deck the halls ....
Glitter Jingle Belle, Sequin Miss Mistletoe, Christmas tree caviar pearls

This is where it gets a little more technical and we need a lot more patience. Applying these nail effects take time but their outcome is worthwhile and simply show stopping. Have you ever seen caviar nails inspired by the colours of Christmas trees? I didn't think so. Try something a little experimental and exaggerated, its all the more exciting.

Santa baby... 
All alglow, Fit for a Queen, Boudoir

Christmas classics. Whilst these are your cliche conventional Christmas colours we never tire of them. For me these are fail proof and a necessity when it comes to perfecting your Christmas party ensemble. Whether shimmering in glitter, sleek in silver or sexy in darling rouge you can always rely on these fabulous shades.

Darlings as you can see  Ciate London work miracles in ensuring your Christmas manicure is always on point. Unlike many other brands they make it impossible to choose a favourite- a trait that we love.

My favourites include Blizzard, Wrap Star!, Sequin Miss Mistletoe and of course Fit For a Queen!
Visit the website or shop at any of your favourite beauty stores. Don't miss out darlings this is your guide to the most glamorous Christmas. 
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