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Monday 25 November 2019

Off the radar- Retrograde is over

Mercury Retrograde is finally over and let me tell you,
this time it was a killer ...

Retrograde comes and go. Is it a myth or is it an excuse? With cynical tweets in full swing and all anyone talks about for an entire month (this time around), what does it really mean? Whether it is psychological or the planets really do have an impact on how we are feeling (which I believe they do) there was no escaping this one. What a roller coaster of emotions and feeling it brought along with it. 
November is always a weird one for me, it never sits quite right. This month I decided to go off the radar. My schedule was filled, work life was crazy and strangest thing about it? There was not a single part of me that felt the desire to share it. 
I went Christmas shopping in London, another trip to Edinburgh, I spent a minute taking time out, I went out with my nearest and dearest, I fell ill, I worked like crazy and quite simply I had the best time. 
I dined in my favourite restaurants, cafes and bars, spent Saturday in Selfridges and my Sunday in Harrods. I visited my sister and stayed solo, waking up at 5am and going to bed by 9. I took some time out for myself and I also spent it with my closest. After working like crazy all year round it was needed more than ever. 
The thing is social media and its influence makes you feel a certain way and keeping your head above  water when you are juggling so many things at once proves a challenge to anyone. It's hard to keep on top of your motivation, energy and engagement. 
The things that keep you going are the things that can make you not break you. I find myself fully invested in Christmas this year ... a completely new thing for me. I look back at my past month and despite a few hiccups know I have placed myself in the best position and situations and feel proud of my work even though I felt tested. 
Just remember darlings, you should never feel guilty about taking time for you regardless of where that is, who that is with or when that is. I have found myself in some tough situations this past year and its true what they say what makes you bad makes you better. 
This way you are ready for anything. 
You made it this far, who is ready to have a little fun? 
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