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Sunday 12 June 2016

Ways to slay

Guess whose back my darlings?
Some may say it's been a while but I can only promise you I have been planning a whole lot of sass and a whole lot of love ... because we are all for a little excitement right? Everything appears to be all work and no play these days but thats not always the case, as long as you make it worth your while.
It's time to slay.

We gon' slay, gon' slay, we slay, I slay- Beyonce

1| Experiment and excel 
A little spontanuity goes a long way so always make a conscious effort to say yes to things that scare you. Who would have thought jumping on that aeroplane solo would allow you to dominate a new surrounding? Or maybe it's time to drop everything and refresh? 
This could make you instead of break you, never let fear get in your way.

2| Dare and desire
With little opportunity to back out, the act of daring yourself can be defining. If I say i'm going to do something I will do it, whether that is in an instant or in a while. Why would you dare yourself in the first place if you didn't desire the potential outcome?

3| Thrill and thrive 
Do not be boring.
This mantra is applicable in all areas of life whether thats style, work or relations. 
If you find a certain setting thrilling it's time to show everyone what you are made of. 
Turn satisfaction into pleasure and thrive.

4| Speak and suceed 
You have a voice so use it. Many have proven that it only takes one person to have a significant impact in the world. Have you ever thought that person could be you? Success is measured in many ways and is different to many people. Its your turn to influence, inspire and motivate others.

5| Figure and flourish 
Life is tough ... build a bridge. When life gets you down find a solution before it gets the better of you. The ability to pull through your darkest time prepares you for anything that is to come. Instead of picking yourself up refrain from allowing it to overcome you at all

6| Get up and get a grip
Stop complaining and get it together, no explanation needed. Don't be a time waster, the world is YOUR oyster.

 7| Charm and challenge
A little charm goes a long way, we all know that. However use this to your advantage. The ability to charm is nothing unless you can provide a challenge. Never show weakness.
No one can make you feel inferior with your consent- Eleanor Roosevelt.

8| Bewitch and bypass 
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate?
We all know how to say au revoir, don't let anyone dim your light.

9| Mesmerise and minimise
Take your head out the clouds darling. Whilst we all dream of frolicking on the beach of a deserted island that will come in time. If you really want something nothing will get in your way so minimise that daydream and go get it. 

10| Sass and slay
Sassiness makes the world go round. It's a way of saying you never take life too seriously. Sure these are a few life guidelines but no one said you can't have a little fun whilst fulfilling your goals.
You've got this.

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