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Tuesday 1 December 2015

Call me crazy | Blogmas

You think that i'm teasing but I ain't go no reason ...
Okay disclaimer I started blogmas with a Beyonce lyric but its appropriateness was just too much to handle so of course it had to go in. I have been a little quieter than usual on social media and Ooohlalaa it's fashion, partially because the word busy can only be described as an understatement but more so as I have dedicated masses of time to Blogmas planning. I was in two minds whether to even do blogmas this year, not because I don't like it but instead because I want to deliver the highest quality original content possible and the pressure of twenty four days in a row can be a little overwhelming ... then I remembered fashion week. I've got this.


Over the next twenty four days I plan to bring you style tips, the highest of glam games and all things festive whether we are talking Christmas party dresses or home decor. Whilst Christmas is my busiest time of year it also brings out the best in people and the best of life- think fashion, food and lifestyle so why wouldn't I constantly want to talk about it? Whilst I consider myself more of a New Year lover than Christmas obsessed it is also the perfect period of reflection. What was the best thing that happened? What could have been better? What have I learnt?
It's time to talk.

Say hello to blogmas darlings


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