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Thursday 27 July 2017


A land of amazing culture, history, tradition ... and a tequila or two.
If you desire a vacay that combines luxury, adventure and a party its time to jetset. Unlike many other destinations this entire country is filled with tourist hotspots that are home to some of the most incredible landscapes. You never have to stay in one place, it's a place that thrives on hustle. From sipping the best margaritas in the world (a life changer), to spending your night dancing the streets with local people Mexico makes a case for escape. Theres a reason so many people elope here. 
I'd always heard so many people mention Mexico and with so much fascination it was time I saw for myself.  You find yourself longing for venture beyond your own belief. 
With not a care in the world the possibilities are endless on this bucket list essential.  

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make when going to Mexico is your location of choice. I took a twelve hour flight to the Pacific Coast and the travel was worth the while. With that being said the famous Caribbean Coast, home to Cancun,  a city I know you have heard of, is equally as tempting. Life couldn't be more different but with a carefree attitude and the aim to have a little fun you will be at ease from the second you step off the plane. Cabo and Tulum are favourite, 'it' places every Summer season. With so much choice how do you make one of the best decisions of a lifetime? 
You try both ... 

Where to stay?
Pacific Coast
4*+, Nuevo Vallarta
'golden sand beach of Playa de Flamingos, in a laid-back part of Nuevo Vallarta.'

5*, Puerto Vallarta 
'This hillside hotel delivers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.'

Caribbean Coast
5*, Riviera Maya
'perfect blend of laid-back and luxury'

5*, Cancun 
'The hotel is tucked among 123 acres of gardens, and right on a white-sand beach.'

Where to explore? 
1/7 NEW WONDERS Take this one in a lifetime opportunity to explore the ancient Chichén Itzá and immerse yourself in one of the many pieces of history that Mexico has to offer. - Caribbean Coast
STREET PARTY Wherever you go every night is a party. When I say its time to dance with the locals you will soon realise that this is a natural instinct as you wander through some of the sassiest, music you ever did hear.
TEQUILA TOUR For a country that is renown for it's Tequila it's only right the you escape to the unknown and do it properly, do you dare?
HIDDEN MEXICO Take an organised Jeep tour into the hidden jungles of Puerto Vallarta. Besides encompassing everything that Mexico has to offer this subtropical jungle not only has the most beautiful nature and creatures, as expected, but is the location of many Mexican villages- many of which you are invited to come and explore for yourself. - Puerto Vallarta
WATER SPORTS With an endless ocean ahead of you water sports whilst in Mexico is a must. You have no excuse. It's time to paraglide your way over dream hotspots and scuba down to the depths of the many divine shades of ocean.
SUNSET DINNER Whilst this may sound obvious this an experience like no other. The weather is unpredictable and you must take each day as it comes as it can change in an instance, especially during the Summer months ... but this is where it gets fun. If you get a chance to experience one of the insane tropical storms that often pass you'll soon begin to realise nothing changes, you'll love this place when it's torrential weather as much as you do when it heats up.
You have to see it to believe it.

When booking a trip to Mexico an all inclusive package is recommended. With such packages you are housed in a luxury resort, by a beautiful beach and still have every opportunity to explore everything you desire ... and there is nothing stopping you spending a few days away from the hotel. Unlike many city breaks Mexico is a world away but trying to plan this strategically will take some serious organisation and therefore a package vacation is a must. However you must realise this does not in anyway draw your attention from the partying and the desire to wander, if anything it encourages it. Whilst most hotels will give you the chance to explore world cuisine take a night to go and immerse yourself in the city and experience Mexico in it's truest form. 

A Mexico vacay is one that captures everything and quite simply put is one of my favourite places in the entire world. When people speak in admiration, it's the truth. 
This maybe a costly experience but this is an escape you'll never want to arrive back from. 
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Tuesday 25 July 2017


Barcelona was never a city at the top of my wanderlust but instead a famously iconic one I had to tick off my list. I just couldn't understand the fascination ... until I arrived. If I had only known before how wonderful it was I know my visit there would have happened a long time ago as it firmly sits near the top of my list.
Barcelona is simply magical. Around every street your mind is blown by the incredible architecture, landscape and vivid bursts of colour. Like Paris, you arrive with a vision and your expectations are exceeded dramatically. Being surrounded by such beauty makes you feel nothing less than amazing. This city is one that combines tourism, adventure, culture and a Summer vacation all into one. 
Your return is inevitable. 

This European city is renown as one of the worlds finest. In mainland Spain it remains one of the easiest European destinations to get to, and also one of the cheapest. The thing about Barcelona is that you can experience it in anyway you want. Perhaps you want to be in the heart of the city sampling boutique hotels in the Gothic quarter, or maybe chilling by the beach or better yet situated in Barcelona's financial district dividing your time between history and high tech. The possibilities are endless.

Where to stay?
5*,  Hospitalet de Llobregat BOOK+34 93 4135000
'it’s a real city landmark, complete with a fabulous glass-roof cupola'

4.4*, Place de la Rosa dels Vents, +34 93 295 28 00 BOOK
'boasting panoramic views over the Mediterranean and city of Barcelona' 

3*, Gothic Neighbourhood BOOK
' a neoclassical building on Via Laietana which has been completely renovated with decor inspired by the voyages of yesteryear'

via Laietana,, BOOK
'the avant-garde interior design of the current building contrasts with a neoclassic façade classified as historical heritage'

Where to explore?
PARC GUELL, entice yourself with the exquisite works of Antoni Guadi. Learn his history and experience his passion for creation as you step into a dream world where mosaics take over and pathways lead only to the most divine discoveries.
PORT AVENTURA, if you are feeling a little daring Barcelona is a main route to one of Europe's most famous theme parks and this is one thrill you really will love.
LA SAGRADA FAMILIA, this Basilica is the landmark that identifies Barcelona on the map, with it's Gothic design representing the foundations of what makes this city so phenomenal and furthermore iconic. If there is one thing I would recommend it's taking a trip to admire this beautiful architecture. It is unlikely you will see something quite as breathtaking in it's design.
BARCELONA CATHEDERAL, experience Barcelona in all it's glory, mingle with the local people and shop in some of the most chic boutiques whilst testing some of its favourite cuisine. 
MAGIC FOUNTAIN OF MONTJUÏC, picture perfect this is the location of all those dreamy Instagram snaps that created your desire to visit Barcelona in the first instance. Day or night magic really is the most perfect way to describe it.
OLYMPIC STADIUM, still in pristine condition explore the location of the 1992 Olympics and some of the worlds greatest sporting events.
CAMP NOU, whether you are a football lover or not ... when in Barcelona the experience is more than worthwhile.

Clubs and Restaurants 
I: Mixed cuisine, lounge and club @CDLCBARCELONA
FB: Eclipse club, W Hotel @ECLIPSEBARCELONA
FB: Salt beach club, W Hotel @WBARCELONA

Barcelona is a city of the unexpected. Never had I imagined the endless opportunities and discovery this beautiful city had to offer. A beach holiday in itself is always enough, now pair that with the greatest city break you have ever seen and you've escaped into destination dreams.

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Friday 21 July 2017


The white isle. An isle that fills you with so much desire your return becomes inevitable.
Ibiza, one of the most beautiful places in the world, has something for everyone. Whether you are seeking some of the best beaches in the world, a wellness retreat or somewhere to party like no other, Ibiza is always the answer. Too die for landscapes, super clubs and a carefree attitude are all you need when hopping over to this Mediterranean treasure. Ibiza never does things by half and neither should you. Its appearance on this Summers to do list falls nothing short of spectacular. 

A spanish island with so much to say. Ibiza is renown as the worlds biggest party island attracting an array of famous faces the second Summer approaches. Unlike many other dream destinations Ibiza offers something different. There are multiple ways you can reside when on this island ...

Will you live it in the super club central? 
Or stay close to the beloved sunset strip?
Will you walk the sea through waters of Formentera? 
Or spend your days relaxing poolside at Nikki beach?

Here is the low down. If you would like access to the best boat parties, the strip and a phenomenal sunset aswell as clubs such as Eden and Es Paradis- stop in San Antonio. San Antonio Bay is also a boat taxi away if things are a little too hectic in San Antonio- 8am is when things get quiet (for a few hours at least). On the flip side San Jose is calmer, quieter and more luxurious. However, if you are in need of a little luxury whilst remaining party central Playa d'en Bossa is home to the famous party hotel Ushuaia. 
Formentera is a short ferry trip away. Popular with many famous faces this island is home to some of the clearest waters and gorgeous landscapes you will ever lay your eyes on. If you love the beach the distance is worth the while. 

Where to stay?
Ibiza town, contact via website
'Nestled on a hillside, Pure House Ibiza is a well hidden Paradise'

5*, Ibiza town, contact via website
'a true gem surrounded by the most renowned & exciting nightlife.'

San Juan, contract via website
'a healing centre to help redefine and find balance in life through the wellbeing and spirituality retreats and workshops.  

5*, Santa Eulalia,
'Its location, on Santa Eulalia's peaceful promenade and the natural surroundings make Aguas de Ibiza a charming hotel from which to explore the beautiful beaches the island has to offer.'

'the ideal choice for those who come to Ibiza for the best beach and pool parites'

3*, San Antonio,
'attitude, atmosphere and authenticity' 

Where to explore?
PUKKA UP BOAT PARTIES Partying on land is fun but partying at sea is better. Presenting some of the best pre parties Ibiza has to offer, spend your evening with the worlds best DJs and finish in the worlds best clubs. Basically the best?
OCEAN BEACH CLUB A way to spend your day poolside surrounded by the an array of people, an insane playlist and Ibiza's finest. This beach club is over the top and extravagant, exactly the way we like it
THE ZOO PROJECT Unleash your inner spirit animal and rave in an old abandoned zoo. Unlike any other experience you will ever find yourself in this isn't about what you are wearing, who you know or where you are from ... it's purely about the music
BORA BORA BEACH is carefree. From sunrise to sunset ... then sunrise once more Bora Bora is the place to experience the best, authentic Ibiza experience bringing people all over the world together to drink, dance and wander.
CAFE MAMBO The sunset at Cafe Mambo is one Ibiza experience you cannot miss out on. With some of the worlds best DJ's in the background, watching the sun go down whilst sipping on your favourite cocktail can single handedly mark Ibiza as one of your favourite places in the world.

Bars, Clubs and Restaurants
I: Paris Hilton Foam & Diamonds & Cream @AMNESIAIBIZA 
I: F**k me I'm famous & Solomun @PACHAOFFICIAL
I: BIG by David Guetta & Disturbing Ibiza with Tinie Tempah @USHUAIAIBIZA
I:  Wildlife by Discloure @DC10_IBIZA
I: Luxury beach club @NIKKIBEACHIBIZA 
FB: Tasting menu and sunset cocktails @VILLAMERCEDESIBIZA
FB: Sunrise to sunset, food with a view @SAVANNAHIBIZA
FB: Peruvian, cocktail bar @BLUEMARLINIBIZA MARINA

Ibiza is magical however it takes it out of you the second you stop which is exactly why when you leave it's instantly on your mind once more. You recover and then you return. This is an island that always hustles. It remains authentic instead of mainstream and welcomes everyone with open arms. There is just something about Ibiza that the world will never tire of and if the Vengaboys enjoyed it its a given.  
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Monday 17 July 2017


Santorini, one of the most romantic isles in the world. This is an island that anyone can fall in love with not only for it's postcard landscape but for it's culture and dream like setting- a reminder that peace, relaxation and an open mind are a real thing. Iconic for it's gorgeous deep waters and white architecture, the hillside of this island means that waking up everyday falls nothing short of spectacular. For years now Mykonos has been the place to be but that is about to change this Summer as more and more wanderers are making a switch they will never regret. 

Santorini is a dreamy Greek island a hop away from Crete. It's two major towns, Fira and Oia are essential tourist hot spots with Fira providing all the history you desire and Oia, the location of that famous white washed cliffside village that makes this island so easily identified. Santorini's landscape means its a popular location for laid back destination weddings and cruise layovers. Whilst most major airports fly directly, arriving by sea provides you with the ultimate experience as you trek up a hillside and begin to Santorini in a new limelight. 

Where to stay? 
Santorini is known for it's luxury. Whilst you will many find modernised resorts and complex's why not take a risk and go for a local, boutique hotel? Whilst costly, this experience is mostly definitely a tick off your bucket list and more often than not experiencing one of the worlds most treasured possessions can be life changing- and worth it. 

5*, Imerovigli Santorini, 
'The Most Romantic Hotel for 2017'- world travel awards
'breathtaking panoramic views of the mysterious caldera, a sleeping volcano and the endless blue Aegean Sea'

5*, Imerovigli Santorini, 
'endless blends a sense of glamour, heritage, modern amenities and highly personalised services'

4*, Pyrgos Kallistis Santorini,
'unique. Set in an old factory, this villa breathes with history'

4*, Thira,
'combines the Cycladic surroundings with the breathtaking views of the east side of the island'

Where to explore? 
TAKE A WALK One of the greatest adventures you have ever been on will be by foot. Meet local people, dance in the street, sip Ouzo and buy trinket after trinket. From the phenomenal blue domed churches to a swim in the deep blue sea, Santorini was made to be discovered and do so as you please, just make sure you do it.
SUNSET IN OIA Taste some of the finest cuisine as you watch a magical sunset over this wonderful landscape. From first hand experience I can promise you this is something unlike any other.
WINE TASTING Can you name something more magical than wine tasting in one of the worlds dreamiest settings? This really is something out of the movies and may very well be one of the reasons why Angelina Jolie owns property here- BOOK
HELICOPTER RIDE Whilst costly this is a one in a life time experience. You've discovered the island by foot so now it's time to explore the skies and see this breathtaking isle in all it's glory. BOOK
HIRE A PRIVATE CATAMARAN Cruise around the luxurious island, taking in some of the most breathtaking sites and swimming in private waters. Nothing fall shorts of picture perfect and scuba diving and snorkelling are readily waiting.- BOOK
EXPLORING IN AKROTIRI Take a step back in time and explore the bronze age discovering tales of craftsmanship and architecture. After all you are in Greece, a country with a story and one that prides itself on such an amazing and vivid culture- BOOK

Bars, Clubs & Restaurants
FB: European @AMBROSIA

Santorini is a hidden treasure. Many have heard of it, many of not. Whether you're honeymooning or not do not be put off by it's romantic entice. Santorini is a destinations for lovers of all. You instantly become infatuated with your surroundings meaning the desire to explore is overwhelming from the second you arrive. It's culture paired with its incredible horizon provides you with a place to relax and forget all that you wish. Whether you're a yoga guru or just someone in need of a break, it's time to escape to Santorini. 
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Sunday 16 July 2017

ESCAPE X Ooohlalaa its fashion

I'm back darlings.
Things are getting a little hectic in the city meaning a vacay is just around the corner.
It's time to release your inner wanderlust as we explore some of the best destinations the globe has to offer this Summer. 
So whether you are frolicking in Santorini, partying in Ibiza or dancing the streets of Barcelona, heres your go to guide to summer dreams. 
We just don't believe in understated, the Summer is what we live for.

Join me over the next week as we explore some of my favourite vacay spots, letting you in on what to do, where to stay and how to keep things a little adventurous.
The best thing of all? These are the hottest vacation spots this season, forget Instagram envy- darling it's your turn to ESCAPE. 
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