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Thursday 7 December 2017

Mani magic X Nails Inc. | Blogmas

The festive season paves the way for outrageous glam. If there was ever a time to get a little dramatic with your beauty routine you will now find yourself in the midst of it. A manicure can change an ensemble or a look. Whilst seeking my favourite shades that I have picked up over the years I was drawn to an array of Nails Inc. When it comes to your dream manicure there are no boundaries and these colours have not only accompanied me to weddings, vacays and nights out but they quite simply add a little personality into my everyday look. 
Quite simply put, they never fail me.
Priced around £12- £15, with the inclusion of both the Sparkle Like a Unicorn and Holographic duos, these polishes will not only last you for the year ahead but remain chip proof when paired with a top coat. Nails Inc. also offer a £5 a year VIP service in which 10% discount is applied to purchases made online.
Both It's all Elementary and Kings Road, a chrome and foil are subtle yet far from boring. In contrast Dream dust, Rocket fuel and Ghetto Galatic do more than what their name would suggest flourishing whilst under an array of lights. However it is Nail Kale that I find myself lusting after day after day, to say I have used this plenty during the AW17 season is something of an understatement. 
Shop these shades (left to right)Dream dust, (SHOP) It's all elementary (SHOP), Regent Mews (SHOP), Rocket Fuel (SHOP),  Kings Road (SHOP SIMILAR), Ghetto Galatic (SHOP)

Which is your favourite colour this coming party season?
If you are like me I rarely find time to go for a manicure but why do I need to when these awesome shades are literally at hand?
Be sure to let me know.

Shop the entire Nails Inc. collection over on
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Tuesday 5 December 2017

What's in my bag? Christmas '17 | Blogmas

The mini edition
           I have recently changed my go to handbag to something that is simple, structured and will go with any ensemble. This is a handbag that I pick up as I leave the house for any occasion and it is very rare that I change it's contents. I have had this Zara over the shoulder bag (SHOP SIMILAR) since last fall and I know I will have it for months to come. Costing around £39.99 it is the perfect mini for any trip and it's size eliminates the temptation to overfill it with unnecessary belongings.
      As many of you know I am a sunglasses enthusiast and wear them all year around. My Fendi Iridia's (SHOP), in classic black and gold, always leave the house with me. I consider these an essential to keeping my eye make up in place especially in the midst of a never ending polar vortex. 
     I have recently switched to an iPhone X (yes I am still figuring out how to use it). Like many I rarely leave the house without my phone but I also consider accessories such as a power bank a necessity when you are a far away from home, working long days or on the go. These keep you in loop with the world and great in an emergency. 
     Having a card holder is revolutionary. Instead of carrying around a purse, which is unlikely to fit, a card holder contains everything you need and is perfect for nights out in the city! I bought mine from River Island (SHOP SIMILAR) however the variations are endless. 
    You may think are three lip pieces really that essential? to which I argue yes they are. I always carry around two lipsticks, one day time and another evening. My current favourites are Bitch Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury (SHOP) and Marthe by Chanel (SHOP). I also carry my Unleash Me lipgloss by Charlotte Tilbury as an added extra to wear over Marthe (SHOP). These are for days when you don't have time for a dramatic outfit change but your still need a little help in creating a flawless look. Another quick trick is carrying a perfume sample or handbag bottle with your favourite scent (my current favourite is CT, Scent of a Dream), you never know when it will be needed.

Which are your favourite handbag accessories this festive season?
What do you consider an essential?
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Sunday 3 December 2017

It's the season ... | blogmas

December has finally arrived and we find ourselves once more in confusion as to how the year has passed by so suddenly, but the festive season is here and it's about to be our best yet. It's time to take a step back, revaluate and have a little fun.
It's the season ...
... of city trips and new year getaways
There is nothing more dreamy than finding the time to travel over Christmas. So whether you are city hopping to Christmas shop or jetsetting to warmer climates, if you have the chance to do this - take it. 
I recently visited Edinburgh not only to explore those iconic Christmas markets but to purchase from some of my favourite places, oh and you know I have a thing for department stores. It's times like these that you forget about the minus degrees and your everyday schedule to take time out and have a little 'me' time. Christmas is my busiest period and i'm an avid shopper so I couldn't resist. 
... champagne, sequins, lovers
There is nothing I adore more than a Christmas party, I take any chance of an opportunity to dress head to toe dramatic. The shops are filled with the most ridiculous over the top, vibrant colours and sparkle and they are quite simply out of this world. It's time to bring Paris' 21st mini number into a new era and pair bold and brilliant cuts with faux fur and extravagant accessorising- and no one will question it.
... movies, songs and home decor
Christmas appears to have started early this year with Christmas trees appearing before November has ended. I treasure the time between Christmas and New Year due to a hectic schedule however that does not mean I refrain from surrounding myself with all things festive. Try something a little different this year when it comes to decorating your home. My favourite holiday theme of all time is rose gold and bronze, one trend I just wish would hurry and return. Christmas is about treasuring your home and creating tradition, a rule book you don't have to abide to.
... sales!
The second it hits midnight on Boxing Day my sale shopping begins. Find yourself snapping up some of the hottest seasonal pieces. This is the time of year I always invest in items I know that will last me for years to come the trick is knowing where to look. Everyone has the same idea when it comes to hitting the high streets and shopping centres in the days following Christmas but stores such as net-a-porter, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are my go to, just be wary as you often have to await for Christmas delivery catch up.
... gift giving
Whilst many despise Christmas shopping for others I can't help but adore. Although you may find it difficult to buy for others there are plenty of hints and tips around that can help you on your way, whether you're picking up gift guides from your favourite stores or getting inspiration off your favourite YouTubers. Both scent and personalisation are things that have mesmerised this year.
... giving back and showing a little love
We have talked about all our festive favourites but Christmas is your time to make a statement. Think about what is important to you, how you can change someones day, and what you can do to make a difference. We always talk about having a voice, particularly in todays society, but do you consider how you can use it? Motivate yourself and others around you. 
Don't be a bystander when it comes to discussion or cause.
It's the season where everything happens. Where no matter what you have entailed this year your priorities refocus and you engage in a little self love. Join me this December as we explore all things festive and all things 2017. 

Merry Christmas my darlings!
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Boots: River Island SHOP
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Scarf: Burberry SHOP

Friday 27 October 2017

Blushing | SHOP MY LOOK

Dramatic faux, and seasonal coats ... AW17 just keeps on giving

Coat: Zara SHOP
Blouse: Zara SHOP
Jeans: Levi's SHOP
Handbag: Zara SHOP SIMILAR
Boots: River Island SHOP
Sunglasses: Fendi SHOP

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Tuesday 26 September 2017

Delectable | September favourites

September is undoubtedly my favourite month. It marks the start of a new season, fashion week and the launch of a whole array of new products ready for the festive season. This month I have invested a lot of time and experimentation with some fresh launches. AW17 is in full swing and Autumn just so happens to be my favourite season, I mean who else agrees this seasons colour palette is too die for?
Nails Inc. nail kale, Regent Mews SHOP
Nail Kale is my new Nails Inc favourite. As a loyal customer I am rarely wearing a manicure other than Nails Inc. Regent Mews is not only a rich, deep purple which is ultimately seasonal, and a known weakness of mine, but it leaves you with the manicure of yours dreams. Made with extracts of kale this polish strengthens your nails and from personal experience is a league ahead when it comes to being chip proof.
Full bodied foundation brush 110, FENTY Beauty SHOP
I happened to be in Harvey Nichols the day of the Fenty beauty launch and I just couldn't drag myself away. I have actively been seeking a new foundation brush all year and I just could not find the one, until I laid my eyes on this. Not only is the colour of this brush super cute and chic but it's softness is out of this world. This is one celebrity beauty range I would highly recommend testing. 
Liberation, Balmain X L'Oreal SHOP
I had been signed up to Balmain X L'Oreal list for a while and yes on September 1st I was sat there awaiting it's introduction. Balmain is one of my favourite brands, with Olivier Rousteing being one of my idols- his fierce attitude brings it all. The hard part when purchasing this lipstick was choosing a colour ... bold, bright, subtle or daring? Or all the above? Liberation is a divine purple that is perfect for your AW17 wardrobe. Beware this is one very dark lipstick however it is filled with rich tones that compliment any glam look.
Tootsie Tamer, Nails Inc SHOP
This was gifted to me as a birthday present and I only wish I had this all Summer. Essentially a foot buff this tootsie tamer works miracles ... find me wearing sling backs all year long.
Sweet Peach palette, Too Faced SHOP
What I adore about this palette is it's transitional array of colours. Whilst peaches and bronzes are perfect for the Summer months it also includes some of my very favourite Autumnal tones. Talk Derby to me, Delectable and Peach pit are what dreams are made of this fall.
Hollergraphic, Nails Inc. SHOP
I couldn't resist. You all know how much I adored my Unicorn mani, well it just got all the more outrageous. These nails inc duos are literally magic in a bottle. All you need is a dark room and a camera flash to see why. Hello showstopper. 
Rose Gold Apple Watch S2 SHOPS3
I was incredibly lucky to receive an Apple Watch for my birthday. As someone who is always on the go, and someone who must keep up to date with the latest news at all costs, this watch literally delivers everything I need in a heartbeat. I have never been a watch wearer but this rose gold design is stunning whatever your ensemble. If you are a tech lover like me I couldn't recommend it enough.

MFW has just passed and Jeremy Scott's SS18 ready to wear runway was something I will forever remember. His play with shapes and colours, paired with his fun and feisty attitude, never fail to deliver excellence. He encourages us to experiment, break boundaries and embrace our powerful persona's. View the collection HERE
Guess playsuit, SHOP GUESS
I picked up this gorgeous Guess playsuit ready for my birthday. It's phenomenal colour caught my eye in an instance and you all know how much I adore the 'almost lingerie' trend. This playsuit has not yet made it onto the website but I can only hope it's reappearance exists in multiple shades. It is laid back, effortless and of course a little sassy.
Sweet nothings journal, Kate Spade SHOP Kate Spade
Everyone knows I adore Kate Spade and her attention to detail. Everything feels so simplistic and effortless but her way with words add a little attitude to all her products. 
They also happen to be my desk favourites. 

Which products have been your favourite this September?
The festive gift guides are just around the corner, and we are on countdown.
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Thursday 21 September 2017

Wander in the Dominican Republic | beauty and cause

The past few weeks has seen so much devastation brought upon our world. The natural disasters that have entailed hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Jose and Maria alongside the tragedy of earthquake in Mexico has left families without loved ones and without a home. I visited the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island, a little over a month ago and was faced with such timeless beauty and landscape never sparing a thought that these islands, and many others would soon face tragedy. 
For these people to suffer such heartbreak is unimaginable. I could have continued my blog posts on my trip to the Dominican but this would not have been right. Instead I would like to share with you some of my personal, unedited photos of the Puerto Plata, a place I will remain eternally grateful to have visited.
Please say a prayer,
please spare a thought for so many in need of help at this moment in time.

You can donate to help those in desperate need of help here. No donation is too big or small.
Here are just some of the ways.
Save the Children-

IMPORTANT: Before you donate check out Vogue's tips and advice from the Federal Trade commission to avoid scammers. 
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