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Monday 21 March 2016

For the love of Charlotte

Lipstick shades Bitch Perfect, Lost Cherry & Velvet Underground 
Eyeshadow Quad in Dolce Vita 
Blusher in Love Glow
On The Charlotte appeal...
Whether its the sassy lipstick names or the divine gold packaging, there is something that about Charlotte Tilbury that makes you instantly fall in love. Well there is more than meets the eye.

On the range of products...
Charlotte Tilbury products are all about luxury. Iconically British, this brand has attracted beauty lovers across the globe and has the world at its feet. From the perfect nude lip to an exquisite shimmering eye, Charlotte knows before even you know.

On the price...
Whilst considered a high end brand spending money on Charlotte Tilbury products feels more rewarding than others. Perhaps its the fresh creative vision that she brings to the table or perhaps the endless array of products that you find yourself needing in every shade. Regardless if you are going to put your money where your mouth is at least let it be Bitch Perfect.

On the feel good factor... 
Whether sweet and sophisticated or daring and dramatic there is room within this one brand for all your alter egos and personalities. The thought placed into each and every product cannot go unnoticed and I am yet to come across one 'average' piece. They are all flawless.

On new creations...
When have you ever been able to purchase lip blotting paper in the shade you are wearing? Or had a blusher that not only can be used with ease but focuses on all your best parts? Or maybe its the magic cream that has been a life changer? It's in the name of Charlotte.

Shop the Charlotte Tilbury collection at 

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Thursday 10 March 2016

Parisian pleasures

Paris balconies
Walking the streets of Pariee are like no other. Every corner you turn you are faced with endless rows of apartment blocks that you only ever imagined in your wildest dreams. Ever found yourself longing for the landscape of Champs de Mars appearing in the views from your window?
Breakfast by the Eiffel Tower and Dinner by Notre Dame
As we have already seen Paris presents itself with the finest settings. Whether you are dining with your friends or going a date this city falls nothing short of magical. Of course when you are in France you have to try the finest cuisine. I only wish I could do this everyday.
Shakespeare and Company
Perhaps you are browsing the endless shelves of this amazing bookstore or attending one of their poetry readings, regardless I know you will fall in love. If you are searching character, history and classics a visit to here will fulfil all your desires. 
French magazines
We all know Paris is the fashion capital so seeing the likes of Gigi fronting Vogue Paris on every news stand comes as a welcome sight. Of course I had to purchase some of my favourites. 


So everyone knows about Macarons from Laudree but have you ever tried them? Whilst I know there are stores in London and New York there is something about going to the flagship stores in their home city that is extra special. I can confirm that one, these Macarons are incredible and two, emergency Macron runs are certainly a thing.  

Can Paris provide the pleasure you seek?
Of course.

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Monday 7 March 2016

Notre Dame

Found in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris is one of the worlds most famous catherderals. At 800 years old this magnificent cathedral was built over the course of 200 years and its extraordinary structure has to be seen to be believed.

Whilst the French gothic culture is shown in its architecture, most significantly from the outside, inside the finest stain glass windows and artwork allow the history and faith of this creation to continue in existence. The famous bells still ring today.

I knew little about Notre Dame before visiting except what I had seen in Disney movies. It is surrounded by the River Seine, cobbled streets and an endless array of pigeons. If you are truly seeking history when visiting Paris, Notre Dame is its finest piece. Whilst combining history, culture and art it is also another piece of iconic France that makes the city a dream.
With love from Paris, 

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Sunday 6 March 2016

Midnight in Paris


The City of lights ...

If you didn't already think Paris was magical enough exploring the streets at night takes extraordinary to a whole new level.

Paris, for me, was about perspective- changing the way I saw the world. Despite being zero degrees and the height of Winter nothing else mattered. The city captures you and if the designer boutiques, landmarks or Laudree macarons just weren't enough its time explore the bright lights.

The city of love, the city of light, and really the city of everything. Whilst these were claims that I could once only imagine to be true, Pairee for me came at the most important time of my life.

You will fall for this city.
Bonne nuit my darlings,

With love from Paris 
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10 Reasons why you should visit the Louvre

If you ever find yourself in Paris there is one place that you must go, Musée du Louvre. 
Here are ten reasons why, 
1. The Louvre is a landmark in itself. I can already guarantee it has made an appearance on your instagram feed at some point. It's iconic entrance, a pyramid made entirely of glass, was completed in 1989 and is by far its most identifiable feature.
2. The Louvre is one of the worlds largest museums with over 15,000 visitors a day. On the right bank of the Seine it, to this day, remains one of the worlds most visited museums. There must be something about it right?
3. The actual Louvre is incredible in size. The pyramid itself is only the entrance, the building surrounding it, known as the Grand Palace, extends itself to the rest of the museum. Inside is no different, finding myself in one of the many wings was proof of this. After looking out the window at one point I realised I was across the road from where I first thought I was.
4. One of the most famous greek sculptures to exist can be found in the Louvre. The Venus de Milo, said to depict Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love and beauty,  remains on permanent display. How many of your acquaintances can say they have ever come face to face with this incredible piece of history in their lifetime?
5. The pieces found in the Louvre are endless. From Egyptians, to Greeks to Romans (to name a few), the time periods this one museum covers are beyond belief. Even for someone like myself, who favours one time period of study to the other, I desired to explore them all. 
6. This famous building really was a palace. It was originally built as a fortress by Phillip II (12c.) and it wasn't until 1682 that Louis XIV relocated his official housing to the Palace of Versailles located just outside of Paris. The Louvre after this was used to display the royal collection and then officially became a museum during the French Revolution as decided by the National Assembly. 
7. The Louvre is home to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world. Most iconic about this painting is the facial expression, a frown or a smile? No one knows for sure. Whilst it attracted little attention in its early days it wasn't until it was stolen in 1911 that it really rose to prominence. After being retrieved two years later it has since received extensive security (including bulletproof glass). The painting itself is described as a 'priceless' but many have estimated its value is beyond $700 million. Did I mention when I visited it had five staff/security members guarding it?
8. The many many paintings are impeccable and well preserved. It is extraordinary to see pieces of such importance perfectly positioned and in almost perfect condition. The inside of the Louvre is like nothing you have ever seen before. From glorious ceiling paintings, to gold sculptures this museum falls nothing short of grand and certainly compliments the history that it displays. 
9. It is the perfect place to people watch. The Louvre attracts visitors from around the globe incorporating the past, present and many different cultures all within one location. Whether you are walking around the museums grounds or dining at Café Marly there is just something about the Louvre that screams perfection. It really is one of Paris' the worlds finest.
10. Carrousel Du Louvre. Unexpectedly I was greeted with not only an Apple shop, alongside a department store containing an array of my favourite designers, but even a Starbucks. If museums aren't your thing i'm sure the thought of shopping will make your visit all the more pleasurable. 
If you ever find yourself in Pariee please visit the Louvre.
It is worth flying to France simply to visit this glorious museum.
Find out everything you need to know before you visit here:

With love from Paris,
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Friday 4 March 2016

City of Love

Its March, can you believe it? Spring has finally sprung and Leo finally has that Oscar.
As you know I am currently spending my days in the wonderful city of Paris. Whilst it was my dream to be in Paris during fashion week these next few posts are going to be less about PFW and more about the city itself- the city that can change everything.  I am choosing to share this with you for a number of reasons, one; its important I show Paris in all its glory and two; blogging is my escape.
The first thing you think of when you come to France is the most famous of landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. Now it may sound a little crazy but I expected myself to be underwhelmed when first seeing it. People always give you different views on how they reacted when seeing something so momentous, however I was the exact opposite. Having visited many European cities, but never Paris, I thought I knew what to expect but I was wrong. Coming face to face with the most amazing view I have ever seen in my life meant love at first sight. I had fallen for Pariee. 
Entering Paris was like something of a dream. From the first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower to driving past the Arc de Triomphe, it really was something out of a movie. Endless times I have rewatched Anastasia shop the cobbled streets or seen Blair Waldorfs famous 'I love Paris eyes', and now I finally understand.  
Of course my first stop was always going to be the Eiffel Tower. Staying a few moments away from this glorious landmark means a visit could happen in an instance, and yes this did happen in the middle of the night. Luckily my hotel is in Trocadero meaning the entire view fell nothing short of perfection. Paris couldn't have happened any more last minute and for that I am thankful for.
It is what I needed.
A lot of things have changed my perspective over the past few months and now more than ever this new vision has changed the way I live my life. Seeing a new city, in all its beauty, captured my attention in an instance. I already knew I was in love with the Parisian culture but being able to experience it is something different. 
Join me over the next few days as I allow you into my Parisian adventure. Paris is the city of love and brings light to all that visit. Doing something out of the ordinary such as spending your afternoon at the top of the Eiffel Tower can mean so much. Never have I been to such a city that was filled with such beauty.
With love from Paris. 
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Wednesday 2 March 2016

The Reason

Today marks the third birthday of Ooohlalaa it's fashion, a landmark that up until this moment I never thought I would reach. The reason I did is more important to me than words could ever truly describe.

Whilst I share part of my life online I remain preciously protective over keeping my private life private. I have fought with myself over the past two weeks about whether I would ever write this post however I feel as though it is important that I share this with you.

On the 15th February I lost my best friend.
Over the past year she fought the hardest battle a person could ever face, one that no one could ever imagine. The thing about this is very few knew. Privacy was a trait of hers that allowed her to flourish in life as she embarked on her road to success. No one could ever accomplish the strength she had mentally and physically as she endured reality. Her talent was endless, her passion everlasting and her friendship indescribable.

Since October, when she first entered treatment, life has never been the same for any of us. Whilst you learn to cope during an anxious wait, thoughts overpower. There was never a single second of the day where I didn't think about her. It felt so selfish when you felt such pain as she bypassed challenge after challenge. She was always our priority, nothing else mattered. Along with our very closest this journey also had optimism, power and love throughout. With my two best friends, who shared this heartbreak, we were making it through together.

What many don't know about this wonderful girl is that she was my number one supporter. An artist herself, with talents beyond belief, she was behind me in everything I did. She was the one person who got it. From the very early days of Ooohlalaa it's fashion she was my source of encouragement and motivation. She made me take pride in my work and believed in me when even I didn't believe in myself. She always offered help and praised my efforts. The first thing she asked me when she was well enough was, 'how is Ooohlalaa doing?'. She made it seem like it was the most important thing in the world when she was enduring a challenge not one of us could face.

This is my reason for continuing.
When the world breaks your heart you are willing to give up everything but if I gave up everything what would her support have been for?
She was there from the start and I know she will be here til the finish.
This is the reason we have made it to this third birthday.

Whilst I could post endless photographs, share my thoughts on social media or relive my favourite memories by sharing them, this is not me and this is not us. This privacy has kept our friendship together and it will for eternity.

But what now?
Many think I have been away working or taking myself away from the world but it was time to do so much more. It was time I visit the only city I know that can pull back the pieces and mend my broken heart. Not only is this a city I have always desired to go to but one with such meaning. It wasn't time to leave this period of my life behind, if that is even possible, without cause. I venture with my best friends as we place our heart and soul into this city. One that embraces and marks such life. No one ever expects to suffer such loss in their life. The hole that is left can never be filled and now is the time needed to process this.

This wonderful figure in my life will stay with me everyday.
Whilst she may not be here the four of us will always be together in Paris. The city that brought light in the darkest time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the continued support over the past three years, it is beyond anything I could have imagined.

All my love,
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For Olivia.
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