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Saturday 31 December 2016

Au revoir 2016, Hello 2017

2016,  the year when the highs were at their highest and the lows left us at breaking point.

This was the year we prayed Hillary would change history for women. 
She undoubtedly did, but she didn't win the Presidential election.

This was the year we fought hard to stay in the European Union, 
campaigning for months on end, but we left.

This was the year that we continuously wished peace upon the world, 
but countless acts of terrorism and warzones such as Aleppo made peace a dream once more.

This was the year where we lost so many notable figures.

In a world full of tragedy it is difficult to find hope, but we do. We pick ourselves up again and continue with our lives and fight for the better. This was 2016... but it was not all bad. 

2016 was also the year that world nations thrived at the Rio Olympics, the year that saw suicide rates drop dramatically. One that saw Leo win that Oscar, Tim Peake (our modern day space inspiration) return to earth. One that saw Obama visit Hiroshima and Britain have a woman at the forefront of it's political power once again. Whilst these are only a few to name this is proof that not everything in 2016 was all that bad.

I encountered a few of my own personal tragedies that changed this year, but i'm still killing it so should you.

We could dwell on the heartbreak 2016 has caused us but let's not.

The strive for success, health, happiness and hope got us through this year,
let's make sure it's gets us through the next.

Happy New Year my darlings,
it's time to slay.  
2017 were coming for you.
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Thursday 8 December 2016

Go bold or go home | Blogmas

Outfit of the day
Dress: River Island
Shoes: Office

Face of the day:
Make up look, 'Glamour Muse' by Charlotte Tilbury
Face: Magic cream, magic foundation, the retoucher, airbrush flawless finish, love glow cheek to chic, Bronze and glow light to medium 
Eyes: Full fat lashes mascara, Rock n Kohl: Barbella brown eye liner, the luxury palette, Brooke S brow lift SHOP HERE
Lips: Pillow talk lip liner, Velvet Underground lipstick, Candy darling lipgloss SHOP HERE
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Friday 2 December 2016

Festive makeovers | Blogmas

It's the festive season my darlings which can only mean one thing ... all things glam of course. 
This is the one time in the year where it is completely acceptable to go outrageously bold with your beauty look and not one person will give you anything other than a compliment.
So why do it yourself? If you are going to spend all this money on your favourite beauty products it's time that you learn how to use them. Whether you are in a rush or just need a dash of gorgeousness, with minimal effort, here are five different make up specialists that will give you the Christmas look of your dreams. 
When I think of Chanel I instantly think of a bold red lip as worn by many of their campaign faces. Chanel focuses on a perfect combination of sultry and intense looks yet their application remains understated and flawless. Focused greatly on skin, this brand provides great coverage with little product. Chanel would be my go to for high society and everything just that little bit more formal knowing it would provide me with ever inch of glamour and sophistication I need. 
If you would like your make up done at MAC you have to act fast, there is not one time where I have been and not to had have booked my appointment weeks before. MAC focus on intensity and go places that you are perhaps to afraid to do so. We are talking strong eyebrows, darkened lids and of course classic colour pop lips. Their products are at the upper end of high street yet remain long lasting and affordable.
From start to finish Tom Ford will make you feel like a goddess and why is that? These products are in their own category of luxury. From divine packaging to sacred scent, Tom Ford make up specialists  contain every inch of knowledge needed to promote each and every product. If you choose a Tom Ford beauty counter you know you are going to walk out with a bold, brilliant beauty look that will last all night long. 
If you are lucky enough to have a Charlotte Tilbury counter in your home city I would suggest you take a trip because this is one make over you will not want to miss out on. Charlottes iconic ten looks, which  I have discussed many times before, are perfect for any and every occasion. Whether you are brave and daring as a Vintage Vamp or imagine yourself living it up in a casino on the French Riviera as a sophisticate, Charlotte will ensure you fall nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. 
Anyone who knows of Urban Decay knows that they are strong believers in heavy coverage and pigmented products. If you want to show everyone you are the life and soul of the party don't just start with your outfit but also your beauty look. We are talking lengthly lashes, smokey seduction and a vibrant lip. This brand is also perfect for the festive season as it's glitter eyes shadows, courtesy of new Moondust palette, are something you just cannot miss out on.
Dior, like Chanel, is classic. Whilst Dior is a little more understated it is the epitome of sophistication, creating flawless skin and make up adapted to any occasion and skin type. It's holiday collection, whilst costly, is a well worth investment, but provides all the more reason as to why you should visit one of their counters. If you want striking here is your guide to achieving it. 

Which beauty counter will be your go to this festive season?
Whether your fun and feisty with a little Charlotte touch or sleek and sexy with an Urban Decay smokey eye, these brands will never fail to impress.  
Save yourself the work and invest in one of the best make overs you will ever have.
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Thursday 1 December 2016

Go get them girl | Blogmas

So by no means can I call myself the best blogger this year. My posts have been few and timely so what happened? Life happened. It has been a crazy, unpredictable year that to say has kept me on my toes is an understatement. 

The festive season is here. Usually I can’t quite believe how quickly it has come around but this year it’s taken it’s time. Quite simply this year has been a drag, but it doesn’t mean we are going to finish it that way.

Welcome to blogmas my darlings! 
Over the next month I plan to show you an array of festive favourites, sacred style secrets, hot topics and all things quite simply fabulous. We always talk about just how care free those Summer frolics are but when, ‘love is quite literally all around us’, why can’t we make this festive season as equally sassy and show stopping?

Whether you work the festive season or are lucky enough to spend it with your loved ones, there is  a way to celebrate for everyone. Maybe it’s that office party that you have your eyes set on or you enjoy buying and wrapping gifts, as long as you remember to give as well as receive you will find peace with yourself. 

It’s time to get overrated, outrageous and outstandingly gorgeous as we count down the days to 2017. There is still time to change this year, lets place every effort into making it our best whether thats decorating ourselves head to toe in sequins, going that extra shade brighter with the bold red lip or staying out hours longer than you should.

Between the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and the strike of midnight on the 31st, 
darlings it’s time to slay.
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