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Wednesday 30 August 2017

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What better to spend the last Bank Holiday of the year than at the dreamiest wedding around? 
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Thursday 24 August 2017

What's in my travel bag?

Travelling is by far one of my favourite things to do. Whether it's long haul or short haul, by air, sea, road or train, there are some key essentials that will always help you along the way to make sure you stay comfortable, fulfilled and ultimately glam.
My go to vacay handbag this Summer was by Zara. Whilst I often opt for a tote bag I am guilty of overfilling it with unnecessary things, many which I do not use. This two toned striped cross shoulder bag, with a chocolate brown trim, was perfect for complimenting any outfit regardless of the colour. Whilst smaller than I would normally opt for this left me to really think what I actually consider an, 'essential'. Here is what I carry in my travel bag ...

Coin purse & card holder- There are two reasons as to why I avoid taking my Lulu Guinness purse away with me and that is one, it simply doesn't fit in this handbag and two, you do not want to carry your life around with you in case it goes walkabouts. It is important to only ever carry your essentials such as your ID, bank cards and insurance cards. A coin purse is a cute way to compliment a card and note holder particularly when you are using a different currency.

Headphones & a phone charger-  Whether your are a music lover or not these will always come in useful especially on long haul flights. I always carry a power bank with me in case I need to use my phone in an emergency and I am out of battery. Remember if you are in a foreign country to carry the essential adaptor with you, this has saved me one too many times in the airport.

Cosmetics- This time around I kept my cosmetics to a minimum. My Emma Lomax make up bag was the perfect fit into this handbag. I chose my Bourjois healthy mix concealer, Rimmel stay matte powder (with a Real Techniques powder brush) and Chanel Elise lipstick. Whilst these are what I would consider the bare minimum they are all you need for a quick top up as you are travelling from A to B. If you are wishing to wear bright lipstick start your journey wearing a gloss and apply your lipstick towards the end of your journey to ensure it looks every inch of flawless. I am currently using my Kate Spade compact mirror which I couldn't be without (no one likes to do their make up in their iPhone camera). I also carry wipes, tissues and a moisturiser. I try to stay away from squeezing all my high end products into my handbag in case it gets damaged or leaks.

The important stuff- I always carry a small pouch to place any essential travel documents in whether this is tickets or my passport. Whilst I adore passport holders they can often become more of a nuisance during your journey as many airports refuse to accept documents until their holders have been removed. As long as your passport is protected you are good to go. I also always carry my driving license in my card holder in case I am desperate for ID and I ever find myself without my passport for whichever reason. 

Liquids- As I am sure you are all aware there is a 100ml limit on any liquids carried in your hand luggage if you are flying. If there is one thing I would recommend it is carrying an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser. Try to stay away from scented or creamy ones as you will always find yourself seeking the smell of cleanliness to know that it has actually been effective. I also carry a small bottle of body spray, this years go to was a mini Victoria's Secret in Sunkissed. 
Something worth mentioning is carrying medication as this will also need to go in the same clear bag when flying. Take an extra packet of any pills you need, alongside your normal medication, even if you are prepared in your hold luggage. You never know when your suitcase will go missing and you never want to be without your absolute essentials. 

Valuables- Never keep your valuables in your suitcase, for exactly the same reason as above. Any costly jewellery or accessories (mine are my Fendi's) are better off by your side so you know exactly where they are at all times. 

What are your go to travel essentials? 
Do you overpack or under pack? Be sure to let me know! 
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