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Friday 29 March 2013

Spray tans- the must have

So when you hear the word spray tan what do you think? Tacky, trashy and orange? I once thought that but I couldn't have been more wrong. Spray tans are one of the most fabulous things about, they can completely change your appearance. I first got a spray tan for my year 11 prom and got the lightest possible colour (I was way to much of a whimp to go any dark). I got it 5 days before and it had worn off by the day, obviously! My next spray tan was done by a clueless beautician.. ever seen Bride wars? I looked like Anne Hathaway's spray tan gone wrong. Don't worry with any good beauticians this will never happen, lack of judgement on my behalf! After a full day of scrubbing at it, it turned out perfectly (to my relief). So far i'm not really promoting spray tans and are more likely to be swaying you away from them but this should change your mind ...
My next spray tan was fake bake and it was absolutely perfect. I found a beautician I trusedt and explained my past experiences. From that lets just say I am onto my third loyalty card within about 2 years! Having a spray tan can transform your appearance. It turns people like me, milk bottle white, into a sun kissed girl. The tan, although everyone will know you've had one (no one goes brown that quick) looks natural and unless you are a master at doing fake tan yourself, it looks way better and lasts longer.

The Process
It is important you go to the right beauticians, someone you can trust. I usually pay about £20 for my spray tan, which at my regular beauticians is fake bake. I tend to get my spray tan the day before I'm due to go out but as long as you moisturise its fine to get it done a few days before. I would be reluctant to pay anything under £15 as I would consider this risky and question the quality. With your first spray tan you will need a patch test about 24 hours before so be prepared. On the day you need to wear loose fitted clothing and flipflops are the best form of footwear. The beautician may ask what shade you are after, if its your first time and you feel reluctant you can choose the lightest and ease into others on your next appointment. You will be offered a hair net (glamorous, I know) and a paper thong (you can wear your own underwear if you feel more comfortable) to avoid any dodgy tan marks and smudges. You can choose to wear a strapless bra or not, I usually do unless I am going on holiday due to bikini marks! / Don't be embarrassed the beautician has seen it a million times before. Make sure the clothes you are wearing are old, tan stains. I now have a dedicated fake tan dress and bra so I don't have to worry. Be prepared the tan is cold. It usually takes around 7-8 minutes of spraying and 10 minutes to dry. It is important to let it dry to avoid smudges. The beautician may recommend that you leave it on over night but if you are afraid you sweat in bed its probably best not to. The minimum I would leave a tan on is about 6 hours but with each time it gets longer and longer because you grow to love the deepness of the colour. The longer you leave it on the darker it will be and it is important not get it wet in development time. You need to shower when its time to wash your tan off and avoid scrubbing at it. It is important to moisturise for the upkeep. A spray tan usually lasts me about 5 days.

Types of tan

  • Fake bake-Develops over a few hours, this is my favourite. 
  • St Tropez- This tan brings out your natural tanned colour however is difficult to get off at times.
  • Laurens Way- I personally haven't used this and do not be put off by the fact she is from Essex. My beautician has just started using this and has had very good reviews. This maybe my next thing to try.
  • Other forms of spray tan are absolutely fine too, the development just works in a different way but your beautician should explain this.

The outcome
Gorgeous glowing skin that looks HOT, especially on photos. Spray tan is essential for me if i'm wearing white or really light colours it makes all the difference. The bonus is you do not have to wear lots of make up and if you have dark hair it gives it that extra shine.

Do not be afraid to try spray tanning, I was at first but it is amazing. Your skins remains in normal condition and it makes you feel good about yourself. Less make up means less effort. If anyone looks down at you for having a spray, FAKE tan, remember Kate Middleton (and Pippa) had hers done for her wedding day and she is a member of the royal family- they obviously approve so why shouldn't you.


Wednesday 27 March 2013

Fashion DON'Ts

A list that everyone should abide by in my opinion! Some of these maybe my own pet hates but they are also fashion no go's ...

DON'T... wear red and pink in the same outfit, ever. The only time this is acceptable is when Louboutins are involved.
DON'T... wear socks with sandals or any form of footwear where you will be able to see then.
DON'T... wear tights and peeptoes, not cute hunnie.
DON'T... wear double denim, there is a reason it went out of style.
DON'T... wear heels that you can't walk in. If your stumbling before you have left the house you know they will ruin your night.
DON'T... wear strapless dresses that are too big, you'll end up pulling it up all night.
DON'T... wear a bra with a strapless dresses or halter necks unless the bra is strapless.
DON'T... leave the house in your Pjs, this includes onesies.
DON'T... over do colours, red dress and red shoes- not a cute look.
DON'T... be under the impression that orange looks good without a tan, it doesn't.
DON'T... over do it on the patterns or colour clashing.
DON'T... wear unironed clothes.
DON'T... wear a tracksuit in public unless you are actually going to the gym.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Spring/Summer 13- Must have shoes

So most girls share one thing in common, what? Our LOVE for shoes. Shoes can transform not only an outfit but a person. As Marilyn Monroe once said, 'give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world'. 
Check out these amazing Spring/Summer creations. Yes these maybe designer and unaffordable to many, but these trends are hitting the high street to make you look flawless this summer.

Jimmy Choo: Pointed courts are must have for those formal occasions. Try them in a range of colours to add fun to your outfit!

Jimmy Choo: Another gorgeous pair, hello wedges! Now i'm not one for such extravagant prints and animal skins but I am obsessed with these. The mixture of colours and graphics are perfect for a summer night out.

Carvela: A little more in our price range, a pair of fabulous sandals is a MUST HAVE for those summer day trips. I love the jewels on this pair and coral is one of my favourite summer colours.

Louboutin: Everyone loves Loubis! Of course our favourite Christian never fails. So they are a bit out there but neon colours are hot from the catwalk for this season, experiment girls!

Oscar de la Renta: Completely and madly in love with these babies, stunning espadrilles! Also available in blue but wow just wow. Love the ribbons, perfect for walking along the beach. I also have a weakness for green.


Gucci: These wedges are perfection. Not only can you wear these with casual and tailored shorts or cute skirts if your looking for an alternative footwear to killer heels at the many summer weddings that are happening why not try these? Cute and sassy.                      

                                                          Miu Miu: So these maybe last years but who cares?! I was obsessed with these sandals then and I am obsessed with them now. Who needs to wear heels all the time? Darling, its summer (or nearly)!                                  

Louis Vuitton: Leopard print was once considered horrendous, a no go, out of this world but not today! These wedges should flirty and fun and perfect for a 'wild' night out!  
*All photos are from respected stated sites
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Monday 25 March 2013

Lucky enough to live in Germany

What can I say? Blessed is the word. Altogether I have lived in Germany around 9 years of my life,
although in two separate stages. Living surrounded by another culture has had the greatest impact possible and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity live abroad for a such a lengthy time! So the first 3 and half years is the beginning of my childhood, starting school, meeting friends (who I still reconnect with on a weekly basis) something memorable and so greatly different to the way my friends here grew up. On the other hand, the 5 and  half years I lived in Monchengladbach were those that were truly amazing and what I would consider some of the best years of my life. One thing you need to know, I lived on an British camp/in an international community so to say i'm German would be a misunderstanding. The people were British, the neighbours were British but a soon as you stepped outside the camp we lived on we enter a whole different world, Germany. Here in Monchengladbach or should I say Rheindahlen I met some of the most amazing people in my life. Of course I keep in contact with many, but even those who I have lost contact with keep popping up, what a small world. My friends in the UK, well the majority, have grown up in the same small town and have lived there all their lives which a great deal of them love. Although there is nothing wrong with this an experience of the outside world is something everyone should have an I feel so cherished to have held this, as they say you don't know until you have tried it. So what about Germany itself? A beautiful country so different to our own. Every February/March time I miss carnival, yes everything you would imagine- dressing up and lining the streets. Or even walking round a normal German supermarket, what we would consider a cash and carry and having to buy everything in bulk. Even the small things like having sleepovers in the cellars of our houses. The theme parks were amazing, the summer days were amazing , living here was amazing.
So I can't speak fluent German and I have lost a great deal of what I had known but revisiting Germany on a trip to Berlin last year was perfection for me, I felt so at home. So I am an ex 'pad brat' what others would know as an 'army kid' and this makes me so unbelievably proud. To be a part of a family that has a figure who has served in the armed forces is beyond anything you can imagine, the opportunities it has provided have been immense. Although many of us are now separated, we remain a collective community- the schoolchildren that lived in such a wonderful world, JHQ and it was without doubt that this is a general thought amongst me, my friends and everyone who has had the chance to live in this environment whether we are still in contact or not.

Friday 8 March 2013

International Women's Day, 8th March 2013

Happy International Women's Day to all the beautiful females out there! It's our chance to celebrate one another and embrace women's empowerment.

The first International Women's day took place on the 28th February 1909. In 1911 it became a worldwide phenomenon gaining recognition, celebrating women's political, economic and social achievements. Not only do we celebrate we recognise the promotion of equal rights and women's suffrage.

"A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women"

This years theme is: The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum and the attention is drawn to the 'plight of women'

This morning I got a text from my mum, 'Happy International Women's day x'- This shows that no matter who they are, where they are we should celebrate women GLOBALLY.
Women all over the world are inspiring, lets make recognise this.

Tashaa x
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Saturday 2 March 2013

My Inspirations

I have many inspirations (probably too many!) that influence my everyday life and goals.
1. Diane Von Furstenberg, Designer and President of the CFDA
-Such a magical life story of success. She was the very first designer that triggered my interest in fashion, her memoir 'Diane Von Furstenberg and The Tale of the Empress's New Clothes' highlighted her fabulous life.
2. Queen Rania, Queen of Jordan
- Rania Al Abdullah, spends her time speaking on behalf of a number of causes concentrating on global education.
3. Vera Wang, Designer
- Elegant, exquisite, a master.

4. Kate Middleton- Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
- Entering royalty with such grace and poise. Okay, so this wasn't the fairytale rags to riches story (she was never the rags) but someone who a person of my age can relate to. Her budding romance began at university and now she paves the way to being future Queen of England. I have followed her story from before her engagements day, now the world can admire with me the wife of our future ruler. Plus everyone loves a philanthropist!
5. Michelle Obama- First lady of the United States
- Who says women aren't powerful? POWERFUL WOMAN ALERT. Not only does she stand by her man (who has the hardest job in the world) she strives on independence and supporting her family. A woman who has made it on her own.



Welcome to my blog!
A place to express not only my admiration but also my passion for fashion. I adore so many different aspects of the industry but my particular favourite is fashion writing and blogging, from catwalk to paper. Writing about how glamour these creations are gives me a sense of meaning and inspiration which influences my life greatly. This blog is a way of sharing my views with the world and expressing my love for this creative industry.
Hope you enjoy

Tashaa x
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