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Sunday 21 May 2017

How to make a statement

Add a touch of colour to your wardrobe, be the one in the middle of the dance floor, do what others are afraid to do, just remember to always be true to yourself. Don't focus on what others are thinking and never explain yourself.

Are you registered to vote? Are your opinions known? Do you use your platforms to their full potential? Never let anyone take this away from you, it is your most powerful tool, use it. Say it, and mean it.

Being bold does not mean you have to be the centre of attention. Make decisions and stick to your word. Be kind but honest. Be the one who inspires and influences those around you. Being bold is about risk taking, and more often than not it pays off.

Take responsibility for your actions. Take pride in your work and don't be afraid to show the world how proud you are. Ambition is motivating, but being grounded keeps you striving. Keep your head out of the clouds.

Embark on an adventure, and don't get bored. Bordem leads to laziness and wander leads to exploration.

In everything you do show you are grateful. There is a reason you got there. Never hold a grudge, what will you gain from it besides negativity? After all Beyonce did say, 'always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper'. If you want something you will work for it no matter what gets in your way, just be grateful to those who are around you on your path to success.

Make a statement. 
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Thursday 18 May 2017

Do you dare? | SHOP MY LOOK

Making a statement when it comes to style is elaborate, extensive and requires experimentation. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Here are my four fail proof rules when it comes to overstepping boundaries and experimenting with your look. Whilst these are simple, and can be interpreted as you please, they may require a touch of bravery if they deviate from your comfort zone. 

Darlings, do you dare to make a statement? 

#1 Experiment with colour. Black is classic but will it stand out from the crowd?
#2 Be outrageous. Take your favourite trends off the runway and onto the streets. 
#3 Always accessorise, it can change the way an entire outfit is perceived.
#4 Embrace your look and let the world know it.

Top: River Island SHOP
Palazzo trousers: Topshop SHOP
Shoes: Forever21 SHOP
Bag: KoKo couture SHOP
Sunglasses: River Island SHOP (in gold)
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Wednesday 17 May 2017


Düsseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany. 
Claudia Schiffer herself was discovered in one of Düsseldorf's nightclubs and soon went on to become the face of Chanel.

Fashion is the central aspect to this city and inevitably prime to the aesthetic of Hotel Indigo. 
Hotel Indigo, situated around ten minutes from the Alt Stadt, merges a powerful modern design with the classic 60's monochrome check. Making a statement is exactly what this hotel is about, combining  yellows and purples with a powerful white throughout its buildings and a mono checked carpet. 

Copies of your favourite fashion magazines and beloved coffee table books are at your disposal, being replaced daily. Paired with a gorgeous balcony view, a Nespresso and a little sunshine, this is the place where your mindset is magic and your motivation is bubbling. 

Mirrors and paintings extensively decorated the walls with even the bathrooms having a ring light to ensure your flawless beauty look. Closets are spacious and Aveda products scattered, ensuring luxury is at every corner of this venue. 

Hotel Indigo provides luxury with work and luxury with play. The staff accommodate your every need providing you with a clear workspace and a place to wind down and reward yourself with a cocktail as day comes to a close (even when you arrive home in the early hours of the morning). 

This hotel is authentic, boutique and celebrates the best of what Düsseldorf has to offer.
Whether you are travelling for business or traveling for leisure Hotel Indigo fulfils all your desires. 

Book your stay here and experience the finest in the fashion district.

IHG Hotels
Hotel Indigo
Kaiserwerther Strasse

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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Eyes on the prize | SHOP THE LOOK

As you may have guessed my darlings I jetted off to Germany, one of my favourite countries in the world. Visiting Düsseldorf has been bittersweet as I spent a significant amount of my childhood growing up in this area.

Königsallee is Düsseldorfs answer to Champs Elysées with Hermès, Versace and Harry Winston all within a steps reach to each other. This is a place where
people are blissfully unaware of their surroundings. One where people come to shop, relax and enjoy
without a second thought. It's famous art district means that as you wander the streets not only do 
you come across it's flawless landscape and impeccable sculptures but also some of the most chic
outfits your eyes will ever lay on, think Commes Des Garçons takes the city. 

Whilst the hustle of Paris is constant this city emerges itself in laid back vibes during the day however, like many other European cities, comes alive at night all the way through to the next day.
After all they do say work hard, play harder my darlings and nothing is stopping you if you have earned it.

This is the place that reminds you exactly just what you are working for.
If you work hard enough you will get it, but you won't stop there.
Keep your eyes on the prize.

Top: River Island SHOP SIMILAR
Skirt: Topshop SHOP
Bag: KoKo Couture SHOP
Shoes: Topshop SHOP
Sunglasses: Fendi SHOP
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Thursday 11 May 2017

Make a statement

We live in a world where freedom of speech and expression is at the centre of society, despite many trying to repress it. Today’s revolutionaries are more prominent than ever and fighting for what you believe in magnifies and exemplifies with each cause.

Now, it is important to remember that you do not have to be a Political mastermind to engage with change however whatever you stand for, you stand with reason. 

‘Whatever you do will be insignificant but it is important that you do it’, Ghandi.

A fight for what you believe in doesn’t always provide you with the immediate results you desire but it paves the way for them, whether they are visible or not.  

Have you ever had something you feel so passionately about that you will defend it to the ends of the earth? 
Do you have an opinion that you are proud to express to the world?
Is there a thought that you are too scared to share? 

Regardless of your passion your opinion matters and this applies to everything you do in life. 

We always talk about expressing your personality and experimenting whether thats cause, travel, culture, style … it’s an endless list and it's in everything that you do whether you are consciously aware of it or not. 

Being bold doesn’t always mean you have to be the centre of attention, an idea that is misunderstood by many. Instead being bold is down to expression. Expression is down to you.  

You may find people telling you that your opinion does matter. This is not the truth. 
Ask yourself, are the decisions you are making to please others or are they for YOU, because they are what you believe are right? 

It's time to put up that fight.
It's time to stand for what you believe in, regardless of how you do it.
You are part of this world, and you deserve it more than anything.
It's time time to show the world how you do things. 
It's time to make a statement. 

... and i'm going to help you with just that.
Let's get it my darlings. 
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