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Friday 4 January 2019

Chill the f**k out- 2019 goals

Happy New Year my darlings! 
Can you believe it's 2019? Does this make us millennials old?
It maybe a new year but we are less of the 'new me' and more of the 'new and improved'. 2018 was one of the best years of my life and has left me well and truly satisfied but it's that time to pick your life apart and just remind yourself exactly what it is you need to do to get your where you want to be.

2019 goals
1. Chill the f**k out.
2. Free yourself of negative space.
3. Have your say, just a little louder.
4. The unimaginable, the thing you want the most.
5. Escape. Create a new happy place.
6. Share. Your privacy can be overwhelming.
7. Log out, those emails can wait.
8. Ask for help.
9. Health first, don't leave it to late.
10. Choose personal life over pressure.
11. Go to bed on time ...
12. Read.
13. ... Nap less 
14. Headspace, free your mind baby its a little heavy.
15. Give it up, no strings.
16. Eat healthier, just like every other person in the world.
17. Don't walk away, call it.
18. Stay reckless, forget less is more.
19. Let your favourites know you are obsessed with them.

Which are your favourites? How will you ensure 2019 is your year? 
As I always I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have your endless support over the past 6 years, especially when I have needed it most. I remain forever grateful.
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