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Friday 13 May 2016

Scents of desire

Signature scents scream personality.
Whilst difficult to establish this is one chance, like any other, to show off a touch of your personality without saying a word. Whilst finding a signature scent can be a little daunting, and often a little boring when you've tried one after the other, the end result is beyond rewarding. Instead of choosing one why not choose a selection? Here are the five scents I currently live by, one for each occasion of course.  
Decadence, by Marc Jacobs SHOP
This is my feel good fragrance and ultimately it smells divine.
Made up of Italian plum, Bulgarian Rose and Liquid Amber this sweet scent speaks sophistication and femininity. This is one fragrance I consider an off duty favourite. Of course leave it to Marc Jacobs to create the most divine packaging making it the perfect home decor piece. 

My Burberry, by Burberry SHOP
My Burberry is a fragrance iconic of this darling fashion house. Whilst of course this is one universal scent there is something special that finds itself tailoring to your personality. As I spend the majority of my time working this is one fragrance I enjoying spraying every morning. With notes of sweet pea, geranium leaf, quince and freesia paired with base of patchouli, damask and rose, this scent is sensual and strong in presence. 

Black Orchid, by Tom Ford SHOP
My signature scents include a mixture of luxury purchases and beauty treats. Whilst many, particularly Tom Ford, find themselves at the higher end of the market their investment is worthwhile. When purchasing luxury fragrance I find scents are stronger and require less use. Black Orchid is just one of those investment purchases. This has the potential to be my all time favourite scent and upon smelling it for the first time I immediately fell in love. This is not a scent that you will ever forget. Combining black orchid with patchouli, vanilla and sandal wood (as just a few key ingredients) this scent is perfect for date night. It's overpowering, mysterious and provokes curiosity. 

Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent SHOP
Okay so this is where things get a little bit sassier. Black Opium is my go to scent when its time to party. Its fun, flirtatious and feisty. Its sweet scent is delicious and welcomed. With Black coffee, white florals and vanilla this is one scent that will make not only compliment your show stopping ensemble but make you feel oh so glamourous. 

Diamonds by Emporio Armani SHOP
Now some may find this a little crazy however I can never not wear fragrance. Diamonds is my go to scent on those chill days, whether thats working from home or simply relaxing. With litchi, raspberry and amber this fragrance is bold and brilliant yet understated. It makes even those dreary dull days that little bit more exciting. 

Can you name your signature scents darlings?
Once you have chosen these they will stay with you for life.
Your scent speaks a thousand words so its time to perfect it to YOUR personality.
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Wednesday 11 May 2016

7 Shades of Summer

Summer is just around the corner and its time things got a little shady.
Your summer colour palette is vital to staying on trend this season, so whether you're
 frolicking in the city or escaping to the island your look will be head to flawless without fail. 
In the height of summer its only right that all you would like to do is wear divine pastels on repeat. Turquoise is a summer classic and your favourite high street stores provide you with endless possibilities. Whether we're talking bikinis, sandals, shades or maxis, turquoise always succeeds.
Colour combination- Pink
Beauty look-  A gorgeous shimmering tan
Accessorise with- Barely there sandals
Destination inspiration- A tropical island, Maldives, Seychelles, Barbados?
It was always inevitable that lemonade would be the talk of the summer. Many despise wearing yellow however fail to recognise that this shade is complimentary on every skin tone, ridiculously flattering and hot off the runway.
Colour combination- White
Beauty look- Bronzed bombshell
Accessorise with- Your favourite shades
Destination inspiration- Australian road tripping with a touch of Queen B's new album
Blood orange
I know what you're thinking, the word orange and everyone runs a mile. Well lets change that darlings because this is your key to looking ultimately fabulous. Whilst admittedly this isn't a colour combination that favours all, there are many different ways and variations to work this shade. Whether you are in need of a little more red, or feeling a little more daring with a touch more orange, if you master this shade you can do anything.
Colour combination- Gold
Beauty look- A polished sleek pony
Accessorise with- Fine costume jewellery
Destination inspiration- Salsa classes and margaritas in Cuba
Peach is perfect when it comes to swimwear due to the many ways we can incorporate it into different looks. This summer is all about cover ups. Whilst many utilise cover ups as a mean of necessity it's time to remember that the beach is your dream setting. It's time to get outrageously embellished, exquisitely sheer and ultimately elegant. 
Colour combination- Ivories, pearls and white
Beauty look- Gorgeous wavy locks
Accessorise with- Gold/Silver temporary tattoos
Destination inspiration- A Miami pool party
Fuchsia returns every single year but why? It's bold and vibrant presence is enough to place the spotlight on anyone. Whilst many find fuchsia a little daunting it's time to remember experimenting with a seasonal colour palette more than often pays off. When it comes to those summer nights we are looking for something a little more exciting. Whilst pastel shades are perfect for Summer weddings and garden parties we often lose interest in them when the sun sets. Go bright and beautiful, it speaks sexy, sassy and show stopping.
Colour combination- Red, rule breaking colour clashing
Beauty look- Bright lips
Accessorise with- A pair of stilettos
Destination inspiration- One night in Vegas
Most surprising, it is lime that we find at the centre of summer shade. I can assure you that wherever you go lime will fill the racks of your favourite clothing stores. Whilst bold, lime is also brilliant. There are really no limitations to this colour so it's time we make use of that. This shade is chic, charismatic and delicious. Summer is its time to flourish, as is yours.
Colour combination- White
Beauty look- Bb cream and tinted moisturiser 
Accessorise with- Tan embellished sandals
Destination inspiration- The streets of Pariee, Rome or Barcelona
It's time to keep it classic. White is on trend in every season but the contrast between winter and summer is exceptional. Summer white is used to extenuate the finest cuts and textures. Paired with a gorgeous natural glow, white is perfect for any occasion. Whilst an extremely difficult colour to pull off, paired with the right accessories it has the potential to be the greatest shade of them all. Plus it will never go out of trend. Imagine yourself as Serena Van Der Woodsen taking the Hampton's.
Colour combination- Black. Monochrome is back this season.
Beauty look- Over the top highlighter
Accessorise with- A flirting fedora
Destination inspiration- The French Riviera and a touch of wine tasting

Darlings, which will be your favourite colour this Summer?
Whilst this season's palettes incorporate some of our favourite shades we also see the introduction and return of the classic experimental colours.
These summer shades are a little more outspoken, flirtatious and powerful.

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Monday 2 May 2016

Glam by Charlotte Tilbury

Darlings, you all know my love of Charlotte Tilbury. Just last month I was showing you some of her divine creations in the most exquisite packaging. Well this week I was lucky enough to meet her. As  expected, Charlotte was as gorgeous as can be. Instantly my favourite thing about her was her love of women and her ability to empower them through her vision and products.

Charlotte has created ten signature looks. Whilst these looks are all very different she believes that everyday you should be able to wake up and work a different one- anyone can pull them off. 

Whether you're a Vintage Vamp like myself, Uptown girl or the Glamour muse the possibilities are endless when you're recreating. I was lucky enough to receive a consultation off Charlotte in which she recommended the perfect products for both my personality and look. With Vintage Vamp and Rock chick being on top of her list for me I soon found myself sat in the glam chair with gorgeous cranberry eyes, Cara D eyebrows and of course those insane crimson lips.

Charlotte was instantly able to tell me that I was already wearing Dolce Vita eyes, Bitch perfect lips and Cheek to chic blusher. If that doesn't show a little dedication i'm not sure what does. I walked away with an array of new products to add to my collection. As Charlotte glams up some of the fashion world's finest for tonights Met Gala I can be rest assured that i've met one of the worlds greatest make up artists. 

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