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Friday 31 July 2015

Lulu lust

Lulu Guinness as a brand can only be described as luxurious. The rich colours, quirky designs and delightful statement making presence is everything we could ask for. New to AW15, Lulu has ventured from the iconic white, black and reds that we are so use to and adore. Instead she used her vision of sassy style to add something a little more flirtatious and fun (did we even think this would be possible?) and once again she succeeds.

One of my very favourite pieces from her entire AW15 collection is this lilac wallet.
The compact design with a lip clasp is both chic and practical. Storing your cash and cards has never looked so good and been so easy. The monochrome striped interior provides yet another dynamic and divine aspect to an exquisite creation. Seeing lilac in an AW15 collection only provides me with hope that we will continue to see this transfer into styling.

Shop the entire Lulu Guinness collection 
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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Greece: The Final Edit



Oia & Thira, Santorini
Heraklion, Crete
Look 1
Top, Skirt, Sandals: River Island
Glam: Laurens Way tan and Mac Viva Glam Miley

Look 2
Sunglasses: Topshop
Glam: YSL Pur Couture Rouge lipstick

Look 3
Shorts: River Island
Glam: Barry M Lychee Gelly Polish

Look 4
Playsuit and bangle: River Island
Glam: Laurens Way tan and Tanya Burr individual lashes

Look 5
Dress and Sandals: River Island

Look 6
Co-ordinates: AX Paris
Sunglasses: River Island
Glam: Barry M Prickly Pear Gelly polish and Charlotte Tilbury 
Glastonberry lipstick

Look 7
Dress: River Island
Glam: Laurens Way tan

Look 8
Dress: River Island
Glam: Barry M Prickly Pear Gelly polish 
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Saturday 18 July 2015

Paint the town red



Colour palette-
What's sleek, sexy, sassy and sweet?
Or pretty,regal, ravishing and radiant?

Red in a Louboutin world is simply iconic. 
Christian Louboutin, during his Parisian days, once pulled a bottle of red polish from the hands of a receptionist and painted the sole of his design- the birth of the the Louboutin red.
Years later his mark on the fashion industry is momentous and magical. There is something about wearing a red sole that is powerful and dominant coinciding with it's primary aim to leave a little touch of that sole everywhere one walks. 

In 2014 the Louboutin manicure arose, an idea that stemmed from the roots of this darling fashion house. Louboutin polish is like no other. With a lid the length of a classic Louboutin heel this rich lacquer is complimentary in all the best ways.

On July 7th 2015 I graduated wearing a pair of So Kate Louboutins (which I bought myself), Louboutin Rogue nails (a present) and a red lace shift dress. Achieving my degree was my biggest achievement to date. If Louboutins mark power, domination, success and confidence would you wear anything less?

Feel powerful.
Empower those around you.
Paint the town round
and leave your mark. 
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Saturday 11 July 2015



This week marked one of the most important achievements of my life so far. On Tuesday I received a Bachelor of Arts, upper second class honours degree in Politics and Sociology, from Newcastle University, standing in the very same spot Martin Luther King received his Honorary Doctorate of Civil Law in 1967.

During my three years of student life I have worked extensively to prove people wrong. Whilst Ooohlalaa it's fashion was founded in the latter half of my first year I found many doubting my intentions and capabilities both at the thought of a fashion blog and the fact that I was studying the difficult subject of Politics. Whilst my University career has of course had many ups and downs, I never quit.
I only believe in success, even if obstacles obscure its reach. 

I got there whilst experiencing the many occurring problems of adult life and juggling working on three different levels. Every second of every day was spent dipped in some aspect of hectic city life and the chance to breathe was limited at all times. 
Was it worth it?

Ooohlalaa it's fashion is about inspiring, influencing and contributing to change.
If you can take these objectives and apply them to all aspects of your life you will find positivity and peace with yourself. 

Does success mean successful?
Yes, but does successful ever find itself in connotation with the word easy?
Does successful mean the end?
What is the main contributor to success?

We're not done here.

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Friday 3 July 2015

Santorini dreaming

You know year after year I holiday in Ibiza, my favourite white isle. However this Summer it was time to try something just that little bit different. Whilst Ibiza is sassy, outrageous and the centre of European partying it was time to take things a little further afield. 


Remember that time Serena Van Der Woodsen drank too much Ouzo and married Carter Baizen? I can now see why.

Whilst it is all fine saying Santorini is one of those places to see before you die, actually visiting it is a whole different experience. It is magical and mesmerising. 
The crisp white buildings with vibrant blue tops, the cobbled streets and a cliff side view of the finest buildings only partially epitomise it's iconic beauty.

Darlings, you know what to do.
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