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Saturday 12 December 2015

Snow is falling | Blogmas

                                       So today it snowed. You read it right, its the middle of December and it snowed.
I maybe on my 12th day of blogmas but feeling festive felt farfetched until now. With a crazy schedule it really is hard to take the time to sit back, relax and embrace the most wonderful time of the year. Whilst i've been listening to Michael Buble weeks, Christmas shopping for months and indulging in the most Christmassy activities imaginable, I just did not feel like Christmas was all around us. Until now.

Anyone who knows me knows I despise snow and I loathe cold. Today when it started snowing this was not the case. I spent my day in the outdoors, tree shopping and doing whatever I pleased. Every place I walked was like a movie scene, everyone I spoke to was ridiculously cheerful and every song that played I enjoyed.
For the first time I felt festive, not for the first time this year but for the first time in years.
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