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Wednesday 30 October 2019

The things that get you going

  In need of a little motivation, engagement, feel good vibe?

It's that time of year again ... the time where it is simply a drag. In the height of all work and no play it is incredibly hard to keep yourself motivated and your sassy usual yourself, so what's the fix? and how do we stop ourselves from falling out with our routine and immersing in exhaustion? 

Start up by utilising your time wisely, don't over sleep or waste a second. Whether you are surrounding yourselves by your favourites or maxing out every single inch of your existence by being constantly on the go, there is no denying that surrounding yourselves with your favourites provide you with the normality and break that you need.

For me an outfit makes or breaks a mood. Some people like video games, some like sport but fashion is my area of interest. Forget preconceptions such as 'overdressing', if it makes you feel good, whatever the activity, or 'item' maybe- the rest is irrelevant. 

Embrace the silence. Take a walk, take a drive, take a breath. Five minutes out may be all you need. Taking a long period of time out (this can even be a day) can demotivate you, especially when you are always on the go. Judge what you need and what makes you content. 

Don't forget the get little things even when you have a crazy schedule. A killer blow dry and fresh manicure gives me the kick I need when i'm in the midst of everything. You may not have a great deal of time, but if this is the little bit of love you give yourself throughout the week so do it.

     Remember you are your most important influence and you have the biggest control over your emotions and mindset so hype yourself up. I am currently listening to Kanye's new album as I drive to work then give myself a spare fifteen minutes to browse new Christmas shopping releases. Actions as simple as this get me prepared for the day and remind me that no matter how I am feeling this segment of me time can remain uninterrupted. 

My favourite advice of all time is to pre plan. The times you have something to look forward to, no matter how great or small, give you something to strive for regardless of how your day, week or month is going. Having nothing to strive for will destroy your engagement with anything. Set yourself goals, targets and deadlines- just make them the ones that appeal to you, not the ones that are expected of you. 

As always, remember you are killing it. If you are trying, no one can ever argue otherwise.
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