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Friday 30 March 2018

Spring fling glam

Hello my darlings! 
It has been a busy month but Spring is finally in full swing even if the minus temperatures are continuing to creep up on us. Spring, is the ultimate wedding season- typically florals, pastels and barely there stilettos but if you know me i've never believed in cliche!

One thing that remains for times to come is wedding glam. Where are the boundaries? Can I wear a red lip and get away with it? Should I keep it minimal?

The trick to this darlings is keep it basic, basic but not boring. Yesterday I attended the wedding of a close friend, wearing a black piece (did I mention it's my new favourite colour? groundbreaking).
I kept my glam pretty and glowing opting for a bronze shimmer eye paired with a smoky lash line and pink lips, subtle but not underrated. This is my go to glam for daytime events and it is quite simply fail proof. Paired with a Californian spray tan I ensured my face of the day, paired with my relatively simplistic ensemble, complimented my look without neglect.
Here are the products I used but just a reminder a nuder than nude lip did not go down in glam history.

Primer: Optical Illusion by Urban Decay Shop
Foundation: Dior Star 21 Shop
Powder: Stay matte transparent by Rimmel Shop
Eyebrows: Brunette Sketch and Intensify by Laura Mercier Shop
Eyeshadow: Huda Rose Gold Shop
Eyeliner: Noir exaggerate waterproof crayon by Rimmel Shop
Mascara: Legendary lashes by Charlotte Tilbury Shop
Blusher: Rose shimmer brick by Bobbi Brown Shop
Bronzer: Bronze shimmer brick bY Bobbi Brown Shop
Highlighter: Afterglow by Urban Decay Shop
Lipstick: Snob by Mac Shop

Which are your favourites? Be sure to let me know.
Keep it simple but desirable. 
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Friday 2 March 2018

Ooohlalaa its fashion takes 5

Can you believe it’s been 5 years since we started here? Five years of killer sunglasses, endless city nights, dreamy beaches and all things runway. A lot has changed in five years and it has been one insane journey. Five years ago Anne Hathaway was winning an Academy and colourful tights were all the rage. We’ve flown the world, seen some of the most show stopping runways and kept it real in a world that just won’t stop evolving for the better and the worse. We’ve learned to have a voice, to count our blessings and to be ambitious. It doesn’t stop here. Thank you for your continued support particularly over the past few years it has kept me determined, driven and of course a little sassy. Ooohlalaa it’s fashion my darlings x 
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