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Friday 31 August 2018

Taste of the Tropical

The thing about Mexico is that it truly lives up to it's name, it really is the land of living a little ... or ALOT. From dancing in the streets, to the finest food, to waking up to a mimosa or two- if you are a looking for a different kind of sassy, city frolicking here is your treasure.
Maybe you are like me and love anything from the sea to the city. Maybe the idea of laying on a beach all day is your idea of boredom? This destination contains: the lease of life you never knew you needed- and an incredible culture you cannot wait to discover. 
Playa Del Carmen, like Puerto Vallarta, exceeded all my expectations. From the Frida Kahlo museum, to beachside cocktails, trinket shops and festivities on every corner, you will never be blind sighted to what this gorgeous city has to offer. The colours, the charisma and the character have all the substance to speak for themselves but they don't have to. This is Mexico at it's finest.
The iconic landscapes and divine horizon is complimented by the welcoming arms of its population, they really want you to be part of their city. We were mesmerised by the array of landmark retailers such a Victorias Secret & Sephora, to the handcrafted souvenirs shops ran from family homes. This is far from your classic postcard beach setting and curiosity is on everyones card.
If there is one lesson to be learnt we know that Mexico is the destination of dreams, bringing the city, a touch of history and culture alongside a different type of luxury altogether. You will never find yourself more grateful to be emerged in such an incredible setting and the best thing of all? Tequila, is at the start of every sentence.
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Monday 27 August 2018

Give a girl a break

Happy Bank Holiday darlings! 
I find myself adjusting back to the colder climate and struggling ... the Autumn knits are already appearing and I am far from wishing Summer away. I've recently returned from my favourite of destinations, Mexico. I spent nine days laying poolside, sipping Margarita's and dancing the nights away without a worry in mind. The struggle of the ten hour flight is always fleeting after you land in paradise. To say this vacay was well and truly needed is an understatement. The heat, the beach and the carefree lifestyle remains my happy place. I love the city but this girl needed a break.
The seasonal blues are already simmering so I am doing everything possible to retain the killer Summer wardrobes, the sassiest trends and my not so real sun kissed glow. 
This is a not so gentle reminder that it's time to take time out and make it count. Sometime's you just can't do it all- Queen Bees or not.
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