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Saturday 22 December 2018

Lesson 3: Do the things you dare | March

Spring awakening. March was without a doubt my favourite month this year. After a year of heavy planning 2018 was filled with endless events and bucket list moments. 
Living and breathing city life I knew I was at my happiest. 
City girl.
I spent part of my March in Manchester with my best friend,  a city I completely underestimated.
Being a relatively older band who hadn't toured in a long time, with a new album purely rumoured, I was incredibly to lucky to see Thirty Seconds to Mars. Anyone knows this is my dream band.
... and to this day remains my best night ever.
Channelling our inner rock chicks, myself and Emma killed it with Jared.
I always love seeing my favourites end up living their dream lives. Myself and this angel were lucky enough to see this happen at the wedding of Elaine and Gary in March. 
So lucky to share this moment.
Count your milestones my darlings, you have the chance to make the biggest impact on someones life as they do with yours.  

Lesson 3: Do the things you dare
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Thursday 20 December 2018

Lesson 2: Breathe baby breathe | February

So you are finally getting over your January blues and already seeking those Summer months. February was always one of my favourite months, now it is one of the hardest. With awards season in full swing and in the midst of fashion week, February is not only about planning those career goals but also making peace with your mindset.
This past February was a little unexpected. 
I know Antartica was on top of my bucket list but I didn't expect to live and breathe it so soon.
Whilst the snow caused chaos and disruption in England, it also became a welcome distraction.
February is the month to take time out and breathe. The time to find your headspace. 
Whilst my February was filled with work work and more work, I also gave myself time to reflect and kept my head in the clouds. Reality never has to be as it appears. 
Surround yourself with people who understand this mantra. 
... because remember my darlings, you don't always have to keep your shit together. 

   Lesson 2: Breathe baby breathe
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Saturday 15 December 2018

Lesson 1: Love hard and keep it reckless | January

2018 is nearly over my darlings and what a ride it has been. The drag of every day life is enough to blind your own perception of how well your year has went, my advice? ... don't let it. Whilst this year has see me hit some of my lowest and hardest times, after a little reflection I soon realised it has been one of my favourites. There have been times where I have been absent, stressed and not quite myself. I fell out of love with blogging, gave myself very little headspace, and found my myself constantly seeking an answer ... but you know what? I also cut out the negativity, detached myself from reality and cared a little less.
Here is the low down of some of my favourite moments this year my darlings, and a sweet reminder you are still killing it.
January began in my favourite way, partying through to the New Year in excess, we don't do things by halves. New Year will always be my favourite time of year and I always spend it with my nearest and dearest. 
The birth of two of my absolute favourites baby was the best start to the year. Leo Christopher Atkinson was born on 9th January 2018 and he remains he most precious little boy in the world. The constant snaps of him keep me SANE. 
If you don't have a BFF in your life go find one. This girl dropped everything when I felt reckless one day and booked a trip to Amsterdam. 
This city is everything to us and is our escape whenever we need it.
Lesson 1: Love hard, and keep it reckless.
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Friday 28 September 2018

Say it as it is- Paperless Post

Does anyone ever find themselves with something to say and no time to say it? 
Paperless post can fix just that. With the chicest array of greeting cards, invitations and flyers they have you covered for every occasion and the best thing of all? They are customisable meaning you can place your own mark on them. 
Whether you are using the website or on the go and using the app, everything you need is at your fingertips. There are an endless array of designs that you can customise in your very own way. My favourite feature about Paperless post is that the final product is completely up to you ensuring you can make it every inch of gorgeous and this is done well within a price budget! Gone are the days where your holiday cards are still on your dresser in January!
Your creations land straight to the inbox of your chosen recipients and even provide you with notification when opened and the chance to RSVP or message if appropriate. I recently created these cute Kate Spade cards to provide my favourites with a little appreciation. Although these are technically categorised as invitations the design was just too hard to resist. Kate Spade is just one designer who you will discover across this platform, the adorable ideas from these creators will have each and everyone of you stuck for choice!

Send your Paperless Post now by heading to or download from the App store.
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Friday 31 August 2018

Taste of the Tropical

The thing about Mexico is that it truly lives up to it's name, it really is the land of living a little ... or ALOT. From dancing in the streets, to the finest food, to waking up to a mimosa or two- if you are a looking for a different kind of sassy, city frolicking here is your treasure.
Maybe you are like me and love anything from the sea to the city. Maybe the idea of laying on a beach all day is your idea of boredom? This destination contains: the lease of life you never knew you needed- and an incredible culture you cannot wait to discover. 
Playa Del Carmen, like Puerto Vallarta, exceeded all my expectations. From the Frida Kahlo museum, to beachside cocktails, trinket shops and festivities on every corner, you will never be blind sighted to what this gorgeous city has to offer. The colours, the charisma and the character have all the substance to speak for themselves but they don't have to. This is Mexico at it's finest.
The iconic landscapes and divine horizon is complimented by the welcoming arms of its population, they really want you to be part of their city. We were mesmerised by the array of landmark retailers such a Victorias Secret & Sephora, to the handcrafted souvenirs shops ran from family homes. This is far from your classic postcard beach setting and curiosity is on everyones card.
If there is one lesson to be learnt we know that Mexico is the destination of dreams, bringing the city, a touch of history and culture alongside a different type of luxury altogether. You will never find yourself more grateful to be emerged in such an incredible setting and the best thing of all? Tequila, is at the start of every sentence.
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Monday 27 August 2018

Give a girl a break

Happy Bank Holiday darlings! 
I find myself adjusting back to the colder climate and struggling ... the Autumn knits are already appearing and I am far from wishing Summer away. I've recently returned from my favourite of destinations, Mexico. I spent nine days laying poolside, sipping Margarita's and dancing the nights away without a worry in mind. The struggle of the ten hour flight is always fleeting after you land in paradise. To say this vacay was well and truly needed is an understatement. The heat, the beach and the carefree lifestyle remains my happy place. I love the city but this girl needed a break.
The seasonal blues are already simmering so I am doing everything possible to retain the killer Summer wardrobes, the sassiest trends and my not so real sun kissed glow. 
This is a not so gentle reminder that it's time to take time out and make it count. Sometime's you just can't do it all- Queen Bees or not.
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Wednesday 25 July 2018

... and breathe

Guess who is back my darlings.
It has been a long few months. I feel as though every so often things get that little bit crazier, you find your days are consumed and you begin to lose sight - well at least that's what it feels like! So, why am I writing so late in the evening? The evening is a time of reflection. 
How has my day gone? What will tomorrow bring? What can I do differently? 
Inevitably it is perhaps your only chance in the day to evaluate regardless of whether this is to do with home life, work, relationships and/or everything in-between. Maybe its even viewing the bigger picture ... am I achieving what I desire to achieve? 
It's not always easy to keep on track when you have a lot of different directions but here are a few simple tips in making sure you get your s**t together (as Sarah Knight would put it!). 
Switching off- Be present. I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at this. Sometimes you need to understand that it's ok to take a few hours where you have no worries in the world. Are you glued to your phone? It is back to the good old trait of reading a book, having a chat or embracing a carefree attitude. Do not let things consume you, life is too short. None of us want to get into our later years and say we wasted a minute or a day.
Social media detox- I don't usually check social media until later in the evening right before I go to bed but is that the right thing to do? Are we sending ourselves to sleep by overthinking? Remember social media is not reality. I have been subscribed and notified of most things happening in the world for a good few years now and just last week I turned all my notifications off. I stopped religiously checking apps and have my phone permanently on do not disturb or phone calls only. This places the decision into my own hands. Yes it takes restraint but I am also the only person who is in control of this and it is liberating.
Taking time- We have already discussed switching off but is it easier said than done? Why not plan some time into your day for some 'you time'. After hearing multiple reviews and seeing plenty of adverts I downloaded both that apps 'Calm' and 'Headspace'. Whilst both are very similar they are also effective. These force you to take time out of your day and spend a few minutes doing nothing- with no plans and no worries. Whilst not everyone will believe these exercises are effective they give you something to treasure- time.. so use it wisely.
Countdowns and reality checks-  Are you looking forward to something? If not why not? Give yourself those stepping stones. Whether it is something as extravagant as jetting off on a holiday or maybe a day out with a friend these are the things that keep you going. Don't lose sight of what is important ... YOU. 
Are you realistic with the goals you are setting yourself or are you being too hard on yourself? 
What is the reality? Once you determine this is, only you can decide what you want to do with it.

Remember darlings, it's ok to have some YOU time. It's time to be a little selfish and taking some time out for yourself. What do you want and how are you going to get there? You don't always have to be in control. Sometimes doing nothing is your key to staying happy.
Remember to step back from it all ... and breathe. 
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