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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Down to earth

February is alway the strangest month. Congratulations, you made it through the January blues however know that your Summer vacay is still five months away. The key to keeping yourself motivated over these next few months is keeping it real. Throw yourself into what you are passionate about, work hard and surround yourself by encouragement- trust me you will be thanking yourself before you know it. 
Keep it real: Set yourself realistic goals
Keep your head out the clouds and set the bar but make sure you can get there. Deadlines are everything, if you could do it you should do it.
Keep it real: Plan, but don't overplan
You can't do everything but you can do most things. Keep yourself busy, reconnect and throw yourself into all things that matter. A girl on the go is a girl who is motivated and ready to kill it.
Keep it real: Surround yourself by ambition
Focus on yourself. Be a little selfish. Don't let others put you down. Not everyone will strive for what you desire and thats ok, but don't let it demotivate you. It's easy to be blinded but keep your head down and priorities in check, no one strives to be a people pleaser.
Keep it real: Have a little fun
It's not all work and no play. PLAN your Summer, set yourself something to look forward to. Do not turn boring. Take a break, get scandalous, make a mistake and learn a lesson. Buy those shoes you can't afford, leave that party later than you should, say the things you shouldn't, experiment with your style, be outrageous but keep it real.

Stay down to earth darling, because once you've left no one likes a fall. 
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