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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Time to #StayHome

My purpose here is to provide you with all the ideas and motivation to get you through this lockdown ...  however it is purely impossible to bypass the reality of what is going on right now. Whether you are a front line worker, a key worker, volunteer, someone using their voice or someone who has made a donation we cannot express our gratitude for the endless work  and contribution you are giving to save our lives and country, whilst risking your own. Thank you.  

TIME TO STAY HOME: Staying at home is crucial right now, and that is exactly what we are going to do. So how do we escape, motivate and keep ourselves going whilst remaining inside? This is my go to list to keep our vibes at their very best in the darkest of times.

Netflix is filled with endless shows so whether we are watching Gossip Girl reruns or catching new releases such as Tiger King, this is one monthly subscription that is worth it. You are able to hold Netflix viewing parties to pair up with your friends, watch from your phone and receive notifications of all new releases (their originals are the best). Alternatively Disney+ remains another great platform, and with a 7 day free trial you can get a taste of what it has to offer. Here we are talking major throwbacks such as Star Wars movies, Lizzie McGuire and all your teenage flicks, something for everyone in your household. Followed by Youtube premium and Now TV, those TV shows you never had to time to watch really are at your disposal. 

Netflix: Click here from £5.99 a month 
Disney+: Click here (7 day free trial) from £5.99 a month
Youtube Premium: Click here (1 month free trial) from £11.99 a month
NowTV: Click here (7 day pass), varied pricing options
Amazon Prime (including prime video): Click here (1 month pass), £7.99 a month

If the screen isn't for you or you fancy something a little different why not create your own playlist (feel good tunes only please) and make the most of your own personalised feeds. There are also multiple podcasts out that require minimal participation yet provide you with some real life topics, great discussion and are an amazing source of entertainment, one of my favourites is Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsay. 

Spotify: Click here
FREE or from £9.99 a month for premium (1 month free trial)
Apple Music: Click here from £9.99 a month (3 month free trial) 

Reading is an amazing past time and perfect to escape reality. This is something I rarely get the opportunity to do these days but as I quickly scramble through Twitter on an evening my following of many lifestyle bloggers provide articles, content and purely some great recommendations followed by honest opinions. Do your research and find out exactly what appeals to your eyes. Following the best seller lists is also an amazing way to find out the latest hottest reads for your enjoyment. Reading not your thing? Why not try adult colour books, Sudoku , word searches, mind puzzles? Think outside the box.

It's time to check in with your friends so why not have a little fun with this. Zoom isn't just for work calls, so if you are after a multi way conversation with your nearest and dearest this is your go to app. From quizzes, to games, to catch ups and Saturday night house parties this app really does connect you to the outside. Equally House Party, another latest invention works the same way and allows you to play games whilst chatting and viewing your favourites. If you are looking for another touch of fun, TikTok the latest internet craze brings you just that regardless of your age so if you want to see cute animals, funny challenges or are in simply need of a laugh I really would encourage this download.
Find all these apps via the APP store from your device. 

Maybe a spot of baking? Exercise? Arts and crafts? The internet really is filled with everything to help you on your way with the easiest of go to materials. Remember to use local/independent businesses to source your products. ETSY (link) is just one brilliant website to go to. 
 Youtube itself has its only playlists for whatever mood you are in, just remember it's time to do this for fun,
check out the 
YOUTUBE Stay home #withme
Follow Youtube Spotlight HERE

We don't know how long we are in this for but if anything is for certain we all need an escape right now. Share your escape routes.

Take care x

For advice on COVID-19, please visit the NHS website HERE

*This content is not sponsored in anyway, but purely a recommendation in no order. Prices were correct at the time of posting but of course may change. 
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