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Thursday 10 December 2015

Festive Party Themes | Blogmas

When it comes to Christmas parties no one wants that cliche three course meal and DJ dance floor. We are in an era where anything is possible, luxury is attainable and the cities are filled with sass. This festive period why don't you try something a little different to celebrate? 
The best parties are those where expectations are overruled and never outshone.

Nativity...The true meaning of Christmas shouldn't be relegated to those childhood years. Whilst we spent our childhood dressed as barn yard animals and stars we wouldn't dare dream of it these days or would we?

Ice Skating... Rent an ice rink. If your venue is exclusive to you and your guests this is the best opportunity to avoid that traditional Christmas party we already mentioned and do something a little bit sassier and fun. Even those who despise ice skating will give it a try and enjoy it. 

Winter in Aspen... This is your ultimate Christmas night in. Sure going out is fabulous but if you need to get in the Christmas mood a night in is your key to success. With your favourite people, finest festive treats and all your Christmas decor there is simply nothing you would enjoy more. Instead of using your house why don't you travel to a hotel in the middle of nowhere and allow yourself to have a carefree and effortless night. Think log fires, mulled wine and gingerbread houses, the only thing missing is snow.

Europe in a day... Europe is a flight away. Within an hour or so you can find yourself in France, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands. Whether you want to shop in Paris, go cultural in Belgium, experience the infamous Amsterdam or dance on the tables of the German beer bars this is one Christmas party you will never forget.

New Year
Gatsby... Whilst this completely chic party theme has been glamourised by many starlets its brilliance can never be diminished. For me the Great Gatsby is the perfect theme for New Year. Speakeasies, jazz and flappers all around, the Golden Age in all its glory is filled with money and desire.

Casino Royal...Think Monaco. Sophisticated, sexy and daring. We are talking poker tables, floor length dresses and martinis all around. This is perhaps the most chic idea of them all and the perfect way to enter the New Year.

Saints and sinners... We are talking Chuck Bass and Gossip Girl. There is nothing more exciting than mystery and curiosity. The idea of a masked ball appears cliche but not if you allow your guests to choose whether they are a saint or a sinner. The choice makes it all that more daring and the best way to say au revoir to the year.

New Year at sea... Remember that time Lauren Conrad celebrated her birthday on a boat? This is the perfect way to enter 2016. Not only do you have the potential to be enjoying a high society event in the most unusual venue but everything from fireworks to movie like scenes is at your feet.  
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