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Saturday 22 December 2018

Lesson 3: Do the things you dare | March

Spring awakening. March was without a doubt my favourite month this year. After a year of heavy planning 2018 was filled with endless events and bucket list moments. 
Living and breathing city life I knew I was at my happiest. 
City girl.
I spent part of my March in Manchester with my best friend,  a city I completely underestimated.
Being a relatively older band who hadn't toured in a long time, with a new album purely rumoured, I was incredibly to lucky to see Thirty Seconds to Mars. Anyone knows this is my dream band.
... and to this day remains my best night ever.
Channelling our inner rock chicks, myself and Emma killed it with Jared.
I always love seeing my favourites end up living their dream lives. Myself and this angel were lucky enough to see this happen at the wedding of Elaine and Gary in March. 
So lucky to share this moment.
Count your milestones my darlings, you have the chance to make the biggest impact on someones life as they do with yours.  

Lesson 3: Do the things you dare
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Thursday 20 December 2018

Lesson 2: Breathe baby breathe | February

So you are finally getting over your January blues and already seeking those Summer months. February was always one of my favourite months, now it is one of the hardest. With awards season in full swing and in the midst of fashion week, February is not only about planning those career goals but also making peace with your mindset.
This past February was a little unexpected. 
I know Antartica was on top of my bucket list but I didn't expect to live and breathe it so soon.
Whilst the snow caused chaos and disruption in England, it also became a welcome distraction.
February is the month to take time out and breathe. The time to find your headspace. 
Whilst my February was filled with work work and more work, I also gave myself time to reflect and kept my head in the clouds. Reality never has to be as it appears. 
Surround yourself with people who understand this mantra. 
... because remember my darlings, you don't always have to keep your shit together. 

   Lesson 2: Breathe baby breathe
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Saturday 15 December 2018

Lesson 1: Love hard and keep it reckless | January

2018 is nearly over my darlings and what a ride it has been. The drag of every day life is enough to blind your own perception of how well your year has went, my advice? ... don't let it. Whilst this year has see me hit some of my lowest and hardest times, after a little reflection I soon realised it has been one of my favourites. There have been times where I have been absent, stressed and not quite myself. I fell out of love with blogging, gave myself very little headspace, and found my myself constantly seeking an answer ... but you know what? I also cut out the negativity, detached myself from reality and cared a little less.
Here is the low down of some of my favourite moments this year my darlings, and a sweet reminder you are still killing it.
January began in my favourite way, partying through to the New Year in excess, we don't do things by halves. New Year will always be my favourite time of year and I always spend it with my nearest and dearest. 
The birth of two of my absolute favourites baby was the best start to the year. Leo Christopher Atkinson was born on 9th January 2018 and he remains he most precious little boy in the world. The constant snaps of him keep me SANE. 
If you don't have a BFF in your life go find one. This girl dropped everything when I felt reckless one day and booked a trip to Amsterdam. 
This city is everything to us and is our escape whenever we need it.
Lesson 1: Love hard, and keep it reckless.
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