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Saturday 6 February 2016

Winter white





When it comes to the February freeze things can often get a little dark. 
We are always too tempted by the hassle free, black and navy shades we find hanging around in the back of our wardrobe. Darlings, this season it is time to try something different. Winter white has become one of the industries staple trends over the past few years and we can simply not get enough of it both on the runway and the high street. Whilst sure that may mean you need a little Winter glow to compliment this colour palette it is just too good to resist.

Last night I wore the Luxemme Olivie Lace Trim two piece. It is one of the most difficult tasks 
trying to find a fabulous two piece and I really cannot figure out why however Luxemme creations fall nothing short of fabulous. This gorgeous ensemble is extremely flattering in cut and is of the finest quality. Whilst bright white will always be statement making, it it the added lace trim that adds a little sophistication to create the overall chic dream. What I adored most about this look is that I never thought I would find myself reaching for a two piece in the middle of Winter but I now know this is going to be a regular occurrence. 

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