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Monday 30 January 2017

The time to scream

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I could talk about fashion, beauty and travel all day for days but I won't. It is clear to see over the past few months through my posts, my social media and myself that my focus has somewhat realigned. Whilst I have always been passionate and interested in politics and current affairs my voice is no longer an expression of interest but one with a purpose.

Today we live in a world that has taken a step back in time. One where women are fighting for their reproductive rights, one where religion and nationality are deciding factors as to whether you can successfully gain entry into a country and one where a god damn wall is a central talking point.

This is not the world we anticipated but it's the world we got.

Over the past two weeks we have seen a Presidential Inauguration riddled with lies, or as some would call it 'alternative facts'. We have seen women march in solidarity around the world fighting for equality and a voice. But right now we see hundreds of US airports and streets that are filled with protestors welcoming refugees into their country, when it's been made quite clear that their leader do not welcome them.

Whilst many of us wanted Hillary to win the election more than anything and still consistently cling onto the hope she had given us we are instead left with something else.
A new democratically elected US President sits in the oval office. A man himself who has even questioned electoral fraud because he did not obtain the popular vote.

We may not have liked the results, or could I say despised them? However when the results of the US election were announced we knew he was here to stay. Whether you were a US citizen or a global one, despair brought us together. Tighter than ever and in unison a collection of voices prepared for the struggles that lay ahead.

These were not the struggles that anyone had anticipated.

The President is the President.
The world has accepted this.
This is democracy.

Using executive powers to promote and execute injustice, to bring pain and heartbreak to the lives of the American people are not acts of democracy. They are wrong. A key indication of this is when those who voted you in are against the actions you have taken.

In a time where the world should join America in celebration, a time where voices have been heard and actions were to take place, we are left with a mess. A dangerous mess. This is a world where calling people out on Twitter and playing with power override the thousands of voices that are screaming out in pain. Voices who want to be heard.

Now it is your turn.
Ignorance is far from bliss.
Passion and strive are needed to make the world go around.
Passion and strive are needed to make a difference.
But most of all passion and strive are needed to show solidarity and hope for those who need it.
It's time to let them know.

No one is saying commit yourself to participating in political discussion. However that moment you begin questioning why your Twitter feed is filled with Anti Trump tweets and #MuslimBan, or the newspapers and awards season acceptance speeches are all about peace, hope and a change in the world. Ask yourself, what would you do if that was you? The world is a dangerous place, play your part in making a difference.

America, the world is with you.

Donate to the ACLU here:
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Tuesday 3 January 2017

17 things to get you going in 2017

Today is the day that many people face the dreaded return to work after the festive period. Why so dreaded? It's the start of a brand New Year and a whole new list of things to get excited about. Here's a just a few things to get you through the start of those dreary January blues.
1.We have some serious movie releases heading our way this year. From Jackie O, to Beauty and the Beast, Wonderwoman and Star Wars (!!). This is one killer year for the film industry and they come so frequently that there is always something to spice up your month.

2.Awards season starts this Sunday! Yes... this Sunday. All eyes will be peeled on the red carpets of the Golden Globes, BAFTA's, Peoples Choice, SAG and of course the Oscars. Will it be Emma and Ryan who take the lead or Natalie who strikes again? Were still not quite over Leo's win.

3.It is exactly 5 months until it becomes perfectly acceptable to start jetting away on your Summer holiday. That's 149 days, and this is one.

4.Lin Manuel Miranda creates dreams. Can you believe that Hamilton has finally made it across the pond debuting in the Victoria Palace theatre? Whilst we have to wait until November, we all know that wait will be worth it.

5.I'm not sure I could even consider Pretty Little Liars a thing to look forward to. With only half a season left, resuming in April, i'm not ready to give up the outrageous and scandalous adventures of four of our favourite liars, but who is A? That's a question we would all like the answer to... again.

6.Can you believe it's less than a month again until the Superbowl? It forever comes around so quickly. Whether your thinking of the football, the food or Lady Gaga's half time performance, this is one night you won't be able to resist.

7. After a turbulent 2016 we are entering a new era. The era of Trump and Brexit. Whilst this was never many of our desired path we are making history. It's time to play your part and make sure we obtain the best outcome possible. We always flourish when the going gets tough.

8. I may have mentioned movie releases but 50 Shades Darker is in a league of it's own. This is all the scandal we need to get us through the February freeze.

9. Will she or won't she, everyone is waiting to see if the rumours are true. Will Queen B headline Coachella? We can't wait for festival fringe, space buns and outrageous glitter make up.

10. Apple celebrate it's ten year anniversary of the iPhone. Will we see one of the greatest releases in mobile technology to date?

11. Rei Kawakubo will become the first designer, since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983, to become the sole subject of this years Met Gala with the theme Commes Des Garcons.

12. With new music in the line up we can only expect to see tour announcements. The likes of Ed Sheeran, Adele and Taylor Swift are all in our radar. Will we expect to see One direction added to that list?

13. It was in January last year that we first saw the emergence of spray on nail polishes, primarily Nails Inc. One year later they are bigger and better than ever. In a rush, no problem? Having a flawless manicure at all costs has just become one of the most accessible things on the market.

14. The rise of the Instagram story was one of the central talking points when it came to social media discussion last year. With shared similarities to snapchat will we to see show and shop fresh off the runway this coming season? We hope.

15. Companies such as Google and Amazon are believed to be trialling 'food by drones'. Yes this does mean grocery shopping straight to your door by drone. Talk about coming a long way.

16. Greenery is Pantone's colour of the year and I couldn't love it anymore. It's time things got a little brighter and more down to earth. Bring on S/S.

17. Pyjamas in the daytime are all the rage. Well almost. Whether you are going sleek and sophisticated with a slip dress, or wearing a silk playsuit with all the frills, being on trend never looked so good, or felt so comfy. Think of it as a wear your pyjamas to work/party day, year.
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Monday 2 January 2017

Don't work yourself

The New Year marks a new beginning. Your the same old you but you have a fresh opportunity. Use it my darlings, it's time to make it your best yet. 
Pay less attention to the meaningless and more attention to the cause. It goes without saying that last year was dramatic on an unprecedented scale. When the going gets tough or your pet peeves get in the way of your day it's time to look at the bigger picture, how does this really affect you in the grand scheme of things? Pay attention to the important. Watch the news, keep up to date with events happening around the globe and voice your opinion.

Sit it out. Going out is one thing but squeezing it into a schedule that is already full to the brim is another thing. Take some time for yourself, the relaxation is way more valuable than your drained body. I know for myself something as simple as finding the time to paint my nails is a pleasure.

Embrace the social media detox. Everywhere you look social media is around you and it is quite often irresistible. I for one prefer networks other than Facebook as it provides distance and ensures your not too caught up in your everyday life ... but even then you need a break.

Read more. Whether it's chick lit, a thriller, an autobiography or a newspaper. Believe it or not reading is education so whether your indulging in the latest reality stars book release or the next Fifty Shades of Grey, give your mind a little pleasure from something that isn't your phone.

If you love something, let the world know. Maybe it's the newly anticipated Ed Sheeran release, a pair of sky high heels you've lusted after in Selfridges or perhaps a new exciting location. Sharing is caring, and you feed off other people.

Stick to what you know. Use your instinct. Are you really going to stick to your New Year, New Me when all it involves is an extreme diet and excessively saving money? If you believe you can, fabulous but if not set yourself some realistic goals. Everyone loves a trier. Try till you succeed.

Be that showstopper. Be bold, be beautiful, be daring. Be a trendsetter, not always a follower.

Never be bitter, be your best. Work of yourself

Happy New Year my darlings! 
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