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Wednesday 8 March 2017

International Women's Day

I've had my say on girl power but i'm not quite finished.
Happy International Women's Day my darlings!
Never forget your power.

All my love.
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Thursday 2 March 2017

Ooohlalaa its fashion goes fourth

This past year has been a whirlwind, or what some would call a life lesson. I have successfully managed to embrace opportunity, expand my horizon and quite simply look at the bigger picture. Ambition is everything to me, but how you get there when life throws everything in your way is the real test.

Over the past year Ooohlalaa it's fashion has transgressed into something else. Something that provides you with more than the hottest trends fresh from the runway, but instead a platform with a meaning and a purpose. It is incredibly important to me to say what needs to be said so whether we get sassy in the Summer together, dominate new city street style or scream about a cause or campaign we feel so passionately about, we strive to make it known.

In a world where revolution is simmering at the core of our society, discussing purely trivial topics is not enough. However that doesn't mean we need to take everything too seriously, instead it encourages us to use our voice in all areas that we love. 

Over the next few months expect things to get outrageous, over the top and ultimately show stopping. Sassy city frolicking keeps us playing, experimenting and striving for the bigger picture. Powerful minds pave the way for powerful thoughts. So whether it's the height of your heels, the destination of your dreams or the fight you are about to undertake let it be known, we are here to inspire, influence and succeed. 

Another year passes and your support continuously means the world to me my darlings, now more than ever.
Happy fourth Ooohlalaa it's fashion, let's slay in this new dimension x
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