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Thursday 29 August 2013

Fashion Week

I will be gracing Vodafone fashion weekend again this September and arrive in London when fashion week is still on! I am ridiculously excited to see all the fabulous SS14 trends and explore London (Victorias Secret!) once more. A fashion bloggers dream. 

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Conquer the city, be the 'it girl', hello university.

Say hello to a new freedom, ridiculously long summers, a whole new set of friendships and a well respected education, or so it would seem. In other words conquer the city , be bold, strive for success and immerse yourself in the heights of fashion.

Thought train …

The city is yours
You choose how you look
Success is in your hands
Independence is Key

DO- Push the boundaries, go out of your comfort zone
DO- Approach people
DO- Go out even when you do not feel like it, spontaneous nights out are the best
DO- Try different things, activities, societies, clubs
DO- Attend most of your lectures. Have a happy balance between going out and work, you will be surprised how many lectures you are able to turn up to on a few hours sleep.
DO- Live like a student. This is my weakness, £50/60/70 outfits and Marks and Spencers food shopping? I need a little practice.
DO- Take pride in the place you live whether it is only for a year or not

DO NOT- Expect luxury
DO NOT- Stress over work. Talk to your tutor if you are struggling you can find some guidance
DO NOT- Opt for work over going out, unless you are behind. Being organised is one thing, being boring is another.
DO NOT- focus on the fact that 40% is a pass although at many points of your first year this is a welcomed though. Strive to achieve.
DO NOT- put up with a flat/house that is falling apart. Speak up.

Check out my blogpost, 'Dress for success; the art of power powerdressing'

Essentials list

For lectures ...

· A decent sized handbag or tote to accompany your handbag
· Personal organiser or planner for your academic year
· Notebooks, highlighters and stationary
· Tablet- useful to google, make notes, calendar and voice recorder

Fashion ...

· A fabulous coat- warm enough, stylish and one of autumns hottest colours
· Boots- rain, snow … need I say more?
· Umbrella
· Jeans- suitable to wear with anything and a wardrobe basic to making that super cute outfit
· Jumpers, sweaters, cardigans- think winter and cold lecture theatres
· Blazers, Blouses and Skirts- Remember success through powerdressing? Well here is your key, look fabulous, feel fabulous, show you are fabulous
· Sweats- I am not a fan of sweats at all but a pair of Victoria’s Secret campus crops are the way     forward
· An Overnight bag- for visiting home or going away for the weekend
· A range of going out outfits from cocktails to clubbing- these include party dresses, dress shorts, embellished tops, playsuits … girlies this is where your concentration should lie
· Heels, heels and more heels
· Of course you already know your beauty essentials

Bedroom Essentials ...
                                                               · Candles and diffusers
· Photos- Although I do not like displaying photos (personal choice) I can understand why many opt for then especially if you live so far away from home. Instead I choose fashion campaigns to decorate my pin board, this is my place to admire.
· Throws and cushions with a glamorous duvet- Make sure you invest in at least one gorgeous duvet set. The key to a room you’ll love is starting at the focal point which is the bed so make sure you decorate accordingly and you will love it!
· Organisers- Having a clean and organised room clears your mind and makes you feel good about yourself, or so I find.
·  Lightshades and lamps
·  Books/DVDs- Fill your room with your favourite books and DVDs to create a more homely vibe.

University is what you make of it darlings ...

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Victoria Beckham Seven

As you all know I am absolutely in love with Victoria Beckham handbags, they are to die for. So imagine how excited I was when she revealed this gorgeous £1175 , AW13 lemon buffalo tote ...

I love the colour, the design and simply think it is fabulous.
Dreaming darlings ...
*All photos are from respected stated sites

Monday 26 August 2013

Outfit of the day 25th August 2013

I love to go out on bank holidays with the girlies. Here is the outfit I chose for last night! 

Top: Miss Selfridge 
Shorts: Miss Selfridge
Bangles: New Look
Earrings: Accessorize
Nail Polish: OPI James Bond Collection 

Friday 23 August 2013

Student looks; time for a wardrobe refill

Who would have thought summer would go so fast? With the return to college and university (or perhaps you are just starting) fast approaching it's time to fill your wardrobe with all the student essentials so you can look gorgeous whilst dashing to those lectures. 
My key to a good student wardrobe is to go for quality not quantity. I would much rather buy that £50 jacket than have lots of £15 one's that have no shape and look awful!
Invest in a NUS card, student discount is a saviour
 With autumn approaching now is the perfect time to ease into the new season so when the hottest A/W13 trends arise you will be right on top! 
Like with a job, dressing for university is extremely important. Sure you can have your days off but the more fabulous you look, the more fabulous you feel which reflects on your attention span, day and quality of your work (well that's my philosophy!).

Looking smart shows you have made the transition from school/college as a teenager who throws on anything to a mature student who knows what they are doing. 
I have put together a few looks with different variations that compliment your different moods.
I would say the most important things to invest in are boots, jackets and jeans. 
These looks show a summer/autumn transition. As you get into the swing of things experiment with the hottest on trend colours (fuchsia, royal blue, burgundy, mustard- blogpost to follow).

Comfortable yet cute

Jeans: All saints, £85
Boots: Michael Kors outlet, £185

Edgy but sophisticated

Jacket: Miss Selfridge, £42
Top: Marks and Spencers , £12
Skirt: H and M, £15
Shoes: New Look, £30
Cuff: Accessorize, £14

Effortless yet cool

Top: River Island, £12
Jeans: River Island, £30
Boots: River Island, £35

Classy and powerful

Dress: Sister Jane, £60
Bag: Ted Baker, £39 (A must have!!)
Shoes: Topshop, £28

Determined and prepared


Blazer: H and M, £30
Top: Boohoo, £18
Trousers: River Island, £35
Brogues: Poste Mistress, £100
Tote: Next, £32

What's your favourite student look? Let me know darlings! 
*All photos are from respected stated sites

Monday 19 August 2013

A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous- Coco Chanel

August 19th, 130 years ago a fabulous, creative, woman was born: Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.
In honour of her birthday it is only right that we look back on the legacy left by such an amazing woman. The chanel house is still flourishing year after year with every inch of femininity, sophistication and class that it had when it was founded.

'In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different'

The childhood of Gabrielle Chanel was far from delightful. Her mother died when she aged 12 (or aged 6 as she claimed) leaving her father no choice but to send her to a French convent. Once leaving the convent to pursue a job in a local tailors, putting her skill of sewing that she had learned at the convent to use, she met Etienne Balsan, ex military and a textile heir. She became his mistress and lived in a chateau with him for 3 years whilst he indulged in an overly extravagant and luxurious lifestyle. It was whilst she lived in the chateau she began creating hats.

'Where should one use perfume?' a young woman asked. 'Wherever one wants to be kissed,' I said.'

Gabrielle chose the name Coco after her stint as a singer.

She met Arthur Capel an english polo player whose name is now well known for becoming Chanels muse and love. He was also a friend of Balsans. He financed Chanel's shops and perfumes which aided her establishing the maison of Chanel. He died in 1910 in a car crash leaving Chanel devastated.

'Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.'

It was in 1920 Coco made her breakthrough with the introduction of a loose fitting jersey for women, who during this time were wearing corsets. Maison Chanel was created at 31, rue Cambon in Paris where the headquarters remain to this day. In 1925 came the signature black cardigan and in 1926 the iconic Little Black Dress. Comfort and freedom were Chanel's aim for women and the clothes they wear.

Coco herself was a woman who stood her ground. The iconic tan, bob and red lips were part of what made her world renown. She received much criticism during WW2 when she began an affair with a German Nazi officer. This impacted her lines success in Europe. However she found most of her early success within the United states. 

'Elegance is not the perogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.'

Chanel died in 1971, aged 88. She spent her last days enjoying her private apartment in the Ritz and worked right up until her death.

Karl Lagerfeld has been chief designer of the Chanel House since 1982 and has continued the legacy of the one and only founder. Coco Chanel is credited with making a successful fashion house and introducing liberation within fashion, Karl has continued this.

A LBD, Cardigan and the best selling fragrance in the world Chanel No'5, it was only right she became the only designer to make the Times 100 list of influential people of the 20th century.

Happy birthday Coco, the world of fashion remembers your excellence and thrives off your inspiration.

The stars have fallen in love with Chanel


Friday 16 August 2013

Statement making accessories

Maybe you are opting for an LBD or plain old jeans? Who cares? The key to making your outfit look out of this world is by choosing the perfect accessories. The art of accessorising is important as it dramatically changes an outfits message and how it is perceived.
Here are my top 7 must have statement accessories ...

1. A fabulous clutch
Vivienne Westwood Chatelaine Leather clutch, £170
 A clutch is personal, only you know what you are hiding inside. Your personality should be shown through the bag you're holding. You may prefer oversized and glitzy or black, sleek and chained whatever you choose a clutch is a major part of your outfit therefore you must carefully consider what you have opted for. Vivienne Westwood bags are simply to die for, Vivienne caters for both those who prefer minimal as well as those who prefer something a little more outgoing. I love these Vivienne Westwood Chatelaine leather clutches especially the printed one with such a vibrant colour and design which can be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag.

2. Colour popping heels
 Topshop, £75
Colour and height go hand in hand. This comes into play when you opt for outfits that are a little more subtle and low key. You feet are the perfect place to show off bolds and brights. These Topshop heels with an oversized buckle are a perfect addition to an outfit to make that outfit eyecatching.

3. Rock and Roll Rings
Marc Jacobs, £65
Rings as such, can add and edgier feel to your outfit. Do not opt for something that's completely over the top but experiment with unusual shapes or something that looks a little out of place with the rest of your outfit. This way more attention is drawn to your fabulous statement accessorising and something as small as a ring gets all the appreciation it deserves. 

4. Floppy, oversized hat
Miss Selfridge, £28
Of course a hat is not always appropriate for every occasion so you should make us of it while it is because a hat is simply glamorous. Through every season floppy hats can be worn whether you are walking around in your duffel and boots in the snow or laying on the beach soaking up the sun, hats spark an element of sophistication and class.

5. Embellished Earrings
Vivienne Westwood Swarovski, £190
An accessory that very much says, 'darling look at me'. A lot of people choose to cover themselves in extravagant jewellery but in my opinion you should choose one main piece that excels all others. My favourite piece of jewellery to choose are the earrings. I am a major supporter of oversized and overly glittering earrings.

6. Understated (but not too understated!) belt
Tory Burch, £175
Now I am not a great lover of belts however I am easily persuaded if the right one catches my eye. To me a belt should be minimal something that says, 'look at me, however also admire the rest of my outfit '. This Tory Burch belt is one of my favourites. The black and gold work so well together and that gold clasp has the right amount of boldness a belt should have.

7. Patterned tights 
Pretty Polly, £6
Tights are so easily accessible and do not cost a lot at all. I love patterned tights as long as they are picked out right. My favourite are gloss black seam tights. With the black line travelling up the back of your leg it has the right amount of 'sexy' yet sophisticated.

Accessorising is a must. Statement pieces are what make your outfit every inch fabulous.
Pick carefully darlings.
*All photos are from respected stated sites

Experiencing Turkish cuisine

Wednesday night at our hotel was dedicated to the Turkish cuisine. In the middle of our meal the lights turned off and this happened ...

Thursday 15 August 2013

All Women Stalk guest contribution

Check out my blogpost on
Available on the allwomenstalk website or the allwomenstalk app, available in the App Store.


Tuesday 13 August 2013

Dinner in the forest

Tonight we experienced Turkish cuisine in the middle of the Sorgun forest which was fabulous.

A Step back in history

This morning I went to visit the Side Turkish museum. I love history and culture so this was perfect for me. I also had a little camel ride on the way back, as you do ...

 The Amphitheatre 


 Aphrodite the god of love

Roman jewellery 

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