Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 5- Paris Haute Couture fashion week SS15

Day 5, January 29th
Zuhair Murad
Zuhair Murad is the perfect way to finish another perfect week in Pariee.
Like Elie Saab and Giambattista Valli, Zuhair's mastery bypasses thresholds to a point where success is inevitable, expected and most of all anticipated.
The recognition of this fashion house is constantly on the increase as the appearance of these divine ensembles are seen frequently on the red carpet. 
Zuhair is regal and ravishing. Each season whether ready to wear or couture, the arena of creativity lies beyond the imagination. There is no overwhelming trend found on this runway except magnificence. The pieces are elegant, delicate and capturing. The thigh high slits, sheer overlay and deep neck plunge are no longer experimental as their significance is overwhelmed by colours, textures and embellishment. Belts are used to ensure the waists are fitted (essential in my eyes), so all the attention is drawn to the show stopping variations of skirts. 

Ralph & Russo
Here we are presented with Oscar worthy ensembles. These pieces are simply breathtaking. The cuts are gorgeous and the colours are beautiful and minimalistic. Diversity is  central to this runway as there are multiple pieces that appeal to eye of those with variant styles, whether you prefer short and sassy or long and mesmerising Ralph & Russo are nothing short of exceptional.  

Pariee is over for January however we are about to embark on a whirlwind month of fashion weeks and award shows. Follow me every step darlings for the hottest  red carpet style and the latest trends from the runway.
I am so ready for AW15.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Day 4- Paris Haute Couture fashion week SS15

Day 4, January 28th                                                                             Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Elie Saab
 Elie Saab ready to wear is marvellous.
Elie Saab couture is magnificent.
This is one designer who excels in couture to a whole new level. These are the dresses we dream of. Sure, designers present fabulous runways but these darling pieces are intricately embellished, gorgeously cut and fulfil everything we dream of in an ensemble.
Often designers variate from trend to trend based on other runway influences but this fashion house is iconic and never deceives any FROW goer. Elie does this by that darling shimmer layer that is incorporated into many of these runway looks and is world rekown.
These are the dresses made for high society but you dream of for your wedding.  
Jean Paul Gaultier 
I was ridiculously impressed with all 63 looks on the JPG runway. These ensembles are a cross between evening wear and costume which mean they are filled with drama. Despite being daring these looks are powerful and dominant yet approachable. I particularly love the white outlay with black lining. 

Ulyana Sergeenko 
There are no other words to describe.

 That darling Valentino innocence. 
Victoriana gets a little deeper and darker.  
 The age of innocence is willing to explore. 
Midnight, magical, mesmerising. 

Viktor & Rolf 
It was time florals hit the couture runway.
They are usually the epitome of SS15 couture however their presence has been limited but not unnoticed (how could it be with Chanel?!). Viktor & Rolf are known for their artistry and creativity. Their whole collection was based on these elaborate skirts, straw hats and off shoulder necklines with a variation of patterns integrated on each ensemble.

Which was your runway of today darlings?
I loved the Ulyana Sergeenko.

Join me tomorrow for the last day of Pariee with Stephanie Coudert, Zuhair Murad (!!) and Ralph Russo.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Day 3- Paris Haute Couture fashion week SS15

Day 3, January 27th
Aaah, a Chanel morning in Pariee is our favourite kind of morning.
Couture and Karl Lagerfeld were made for each other and SS15 just reaffirmed this. 
Exquisite, elegant and intricate these pieces are what garden party dreams are made of. With a theatrical vibe, as we see on every Chanel runway, these looks are so phenomenal that it proves a challenge to take in the extreme beauty we are subjected to.
What is a Chanel runway without Kendall? This is becoming the question every season and today she dominated once more, all eyes anticipated her arrival. However, we were shocked to see that Cara Delevingne was absent. Being one of Karl's favourites and missing the Victoria Secret's fashion show to walk Chanel Salzburg in December, we can rest assure Caras absence was all in good favour, she does not miss a Chanel runway without a reason.
Chanel couture is a dream and it's iconic status and mastery has continued throughout it's existence. From fitted waists to the midi length and elaborate detail these pieces are breath taking. When our favourite fashionista's want to show their killer style Chanel is their designer of choice.
This is evident through darling red carpet gowns and the likes of Chiara Ferrangi whose presence is well and truly felt during fashion week and demonstrates exactly how to embrace a designer as such.

Alexandre Vauthier 
These looks are so sassy and contain a little edge. Shorter than short or cut out these are tantalising but only in the best sense.

Giorgio Armani 
The Giorgio Armani runway left me speechless. 
I never doubted the ability and creativity of this designer but this runway was in a different category. From gorgeous sheer skirts, to bewitching gowns and stunning pantsuits in the most divine colours Giorgio Armani was my favourite runway of the day. 

Bouchra Jarrar 
I am obsessed with these looks. I adore crisp white, the deep plunge suits and houndstooth and that is without mentioning monochrome. These pieces are all work and all pleasure, we have the best of both.

Stephane Rolland
Stephane Rolland excels in couture but today's runway was something a little more than that. The diversity in dynamic and spectrum of creativity was beyond anything we could imagine. The detail and darling materials are beautiful but it was the use of unconventional colours,such as tan, that captured the attention of the FROW. These looks are all so different yet are equally ravishing. 
We could potentially be looking at the Cannes red carpet right here.

Which was your favourite show from today darlings?
I don't know how Chanel succeeds time and time again! 

Join me tomorrow for Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf and Valentino.

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