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Day 8- October 1st SS15 PFW

Day 8, October 1st
Louis Vuitton
It's the last day of fashion month and what way to finish other than Louis Vuitton of course?
This show closed the week in New York and Nicholas Ghesquiere's gorgeous creations have hit the runway once more (and better than ever). The aspect I love most about these pieces is they are so wearable yet daring. Fitted and tailored pieces are my favourites, as you well know, and I am obsessed with the bold and bright colours Nicholas has opted for especially for an SS season. Many others have chosen pastels and deep undertones but of course Louis Vuitton deviated. My favourite look is look one. The simplicity of the jacket and vibrance of the skirt make perfect way for a balance between experimentation and sophistication. 

Miu Miu
What a way to finish PFW.
Time and time again I have said one show has excelled above the other but with this being the last day of fashion month I can clearly state Miu Miu was one of my favourites. Why? It's chic, classy and oh so me. High waists, tweed and bold belts are back just bolder and statement making.
The mix of colours are fabulous and I love the sleek, curled hair. Miu Miu always attracts the best FROW goers and they certainly had something fabulous to watch today. From head to toe these models look show stopping. 

Effortless, elegance. 

Au revoir my darlings. Tomorrow we will be in fashion mourning ... until awards season.
Which was your favourite show today?
Your favourite fashion capital?
Your favourite designer?
Let me know darlings my decisions will come in due course.

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Amal Alamuddin- The new Mrs Clooney & Style Queen

The worlds eyes and ears were in Venice over the weekend to indulge in one of the most talked about weddings of the century, that of Oscar winner George Clooney and British-Lebanese Human rights lawyer Amal Aladmuddin.
Despite having a private ceremony The Clooneys were open to the world's media allowing for many candid photos to enter the news sphere and to our delight. The most important question of them all who created Amals wedding dress? She certainly kept us guessing after wearing a stunning array of designer pieces over the course of the weekend before the official photographs were released.

Hat shopping in Venice
wearing Dolce & Gabbana.
With the darling George Clooney on her arm and dressed head to toe in a phenomenal designer it comes as no wonder Amal was all smiles. Combined with her gorgeous brunette locks this striped midi dress is flattering and fabulous. I adore the slingbacks she has opted for suggesting despite the new season Amal is clinging on to everything Spring/Summer has to offer and why not? She is in Italy after all.

The Wedding rehearsal
wearing Alexander McQueen.
What I adore most about this ensemble is that it's from 2011. This beautiful lady is unafraid to wear something a little throwback and with good reason this dress is divine, This look is a world away from her chic daywear but her day to night transition is something we admire. It is an unwritten rule that if you have dark hair the colour red is your key to making a statement. The understated print running throughout the gown is one of my favourite aspects showing elements of experimentation when block colouring could have easily been chosen.

The Wedding
wearing Oscar de la Renta.
The wedding dress was phenomenal. 
There was great speculation over it's designer with the likes of Alexander McQueen being the centre of discussion. To our surprise Amal chose Oscar de la Renta, one of the masters of high societal fashion to design this beautiful creation. As you know Oscar is one of my favourite designers of all time so this collaboration to me was to-die-for.
 Since the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William sleeves have been popular amongst many brides. Of course Kate looked show stopping and inspired many brides to be but Amal felt no need to fufil such expectations. The combination of white, intricate lace detail, the exquisite veil and having her down as opposed to an up do makes Amals wedding ensemble one of my favourite bridal looks of all time. 
These two are a match made in heaven. Hollywood royalty.

First post wedding appearance
wearing Giambattista Valli.
For me Amals wedding wardrobe continued to excel throughout the trip (just wait until you see the next look). As you know Giambattista Valli is also a favourite of mine and when in Italy why not use the best Italian designer of course? Giambattisa excels in couture and this amazing dipped hem creation is striking and powerful. 
The mix of detail upon detail and intricate embroidery was magical. Even those who lack an appreciation for such designers turned their heads at such an ensemble.

The Civil ceremony
wearing Stella McCartney.
This was my favourite look of the entire wedding trip. All I could think about all day was this breathtaking trouser and top combination with a fabulous sun hat. This look is so chic, so sophisticated, so classy and Amal looks every inch the fashionista. I also adore how she stayed traditional with her Oscar gown for her official ceremony and used an updated and modern fashion stance for her civil ceremony, after all many starlets have worn suits to their weddings. 
Many say that Amal has to live up to the Hollywood glamour as it is George Clooney she is marrying, however I couldn't disagree more. With a little help from Anna Wintour these pieces feel all Amal, she was a fashionista pre George Clooney and she remains a fashionista married to George Clooney.
Bring on awards season.

This wedding was a world away from Kimmy and Kayne's wedding, a world away from Kate and Williams wedding and as much I adore these two weddings, the Clooney's have excelled and bypassed Kim and Kate with their Italian wonder.

Day 7- September 30th SS15 PFW

Day 7, September 30th
Karl Lagerfeld once again made history.
This time was different.
Thia time the Chanel runway or should I say boulevard was more powerful than ever. 
Cara Delevingne led the feminist revolution that Karl has ever so beautifully created. Wearing tweed jackets and vibrant florals it once again felt something of an a updated flashback and for that we adore.  
We thought the Chanel supermarket was the epitome of runway experimentation and that no one could exceed it's magnificence, not even Karl. We were wrong.
These beautiful ensembles are classic Chanel, rich, sophisticated and a key component to that Parsian chic.
Anyone who knows me knows my support for Women's rights and freedom. Karl has combined together my two favourite subjects Politics and Fashion to create a powerful stance. A single gentleman walked the runway with a sign post saying 'He for She', in honour of Emma Watson's campaign.
Chanel makes the dreams of any fashion lover come true whether that's those who watch from a distance or those who walk the runway, like Kendall Jenner. Today Karl elaborated and progressed into a deeper topic, a global issue, that made the dreams of any women who fight the struggle for freedom come true, through the art recognition. The worlds eyes were on the Chanel catwalk. The Chanel catwalk protested.
This runway was constantly on my mind all day and no doubt it will be for years to come.

Valentino my darlings, was as flawless as ever.
What I adored most about this runway were the classic Valentino prints and gladiator sandals we found in the first part of the collection and the seasonal transition that occurred afterwards.
Following Chanel is a difficult task however Valentino has nothing to prove.
My favourite look within this Spring/Summer collection is look six, the flawless halter neck, white, cut out gown with exposed ankles, so elegant and flawless. 

Paul & Joe
Effortless, laid back and perfect for a touristy, city Summer day. High waists and long sleeves never looked so good. 

Alexander McQueen
Edgy and ravishing. Leather, structure, gladiators and print.
This runway was a world away from the divine couture we see from Sarah Burton and this is why I am so in love with this designer.
Many designers who excel in couture and bespoke pieces find it difficult to deviate from their areas of expertise however this Alexander McQueen collection is just one example of the brands phenomenal presence across the fashion spectrum. 
Fierce and feisty, these pieces are still gorgeously cut, tailored and magnificent they just stray and play with formality and it's presentation.

Which was your favourite runway darlings? I am still struggling to come to terms with Chanel I was that in love with the runway revolution.

See you on our last day of Pariee! 

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Day 6- September 29th SS15 PFW

Day 6, September 29th
Stella McCartney
After Amal Alamuddin's divine bespoke Stella was photographed at her civil marriage ceremony today we could only wait in anticipation for a ready to wear collection that we knew would deliver.
Stella, like few other designers, excels in formal daywear and exquisite eveningwear. Often designers are better at one as opposed to the other however Stella has conquered them both. I love her play with lengths, below the knee for the day and slowly creeping up to the thigh by night. Cut outs and block colours are the chosen trend for daywear and as we transgress to evening sheer makes a delightful appearance. 

Sonia Rykiel
A show filled with the finest.
Both Kendall and Miranda dominate the runway.
We love seeing our favourite fashionista's take Pariee. 

Giambattista Valli
An Italian in Pariee.
Giambattista is one of my favourite designers of all time 
He captures sophistication, class and character throughout his entire collection.
You know my weakness for gorgeous tailoring and cuts and this is one of Giambattista's specialities.
This designer has done it all, we have seen collections that are immersed in colours and we have seen those, like SS15, that use minimal colours. Whatever he chooses Giambattista's concentration on the ensemble as a whole is a major strength that separates him from many others who would choose one trend or the other rather than master multiple.

Elie Saab 
Elie Saab's SS15 runway was breathtaking.
Like Giambattista his real talents lies within the world of couture so we often have lower expectations for such a runway.
We were so wrong. These pieces are as powerful and striking.
Look two is my favourite due to the magnificent print, flowing skirt and exposed pins. Of course that Elie Saab elegance is forever present in other pieces on the runway however the intention is for this particular piece is to clearly stand out. Never in our wildest dreams would be expect such a print mix and low dipped neckline that matches the shoes of the woman wearing it.
Ravishing and radiant we are lucky to have been exposed to such a beautiful collection. Now we can countdown to couture and of course awards season. 

Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent most certainly knows how to add a little excitement and feistiness to PFW.
Most Parisian designers go for high society, elegance and glamour. Saint Laurent embraces that and so much more.
Feeling a little flashback today's runway demonstrated how to merge day and evening wear overlapping the boundary between formality and casual.
These colours are sleek yet understated, bold yet show stopping. There is so much personality and action going on in each ensemble that any FROW goer barely has time to digest the magnificence before they are exposed to more. 

Which was your favourite show darlings?
All my favourite designers showed today, it is impossible for me to choose one! 

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