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Day 2- September 18th SS15 MFW

Day 2, September 18th
Today's catwalk was overwhelming and MaxMara started the day with one of the chicest daywear collections we have come across in a long time. I love MaxMara runways as I live in a city with a Fenwicks flagship store who stock this beloved brand. 
We saw the return of accessorising with bows, also popular in New York and London, and tiled print.
The third look is my favourite, combining monochrome and a pussybow to create an outfit that will be the envy of all those other city goers. 

Emporio Armani 
Tailored and terrific.
These sleek designs are sophisticated and sexy.
Whether working in the city or escaping to the Hamptons there is a look for every Armani lover. 

Karl Lagerfeld has worked his mastery yet again.
Fendi was the talk of the day due to the presence of Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, the chosen hair accessorising and of course phenomenal catwalk creations.
There are often pieces that stand out amongst a collection, those we could call our favourites. However this collection is beyond anything we could have imagine as every piece, embracing a different trend, appealed to our fashion strings.
One of my particular favourites is the chocolate and blue combination. Too often is this combination found in home decor, people have been trying for years to make this work.
When Karl uses it on the runway you know this is a trend here to stay 

Just Cavalli 
Deep, divine undertones and Summer layers. 
Cavalli plays with length, textures and typical season cliches. 

From itsy bitsy bikini's to oversized skirts and plain tees DSquared2 has experimented and well and truly succeeded. 
The return of the ruffle was a pleasure however it's collaboration with multi colour print was shocking yet satisfying. 

Prada once again mesmerised, this time as the models gracefully walked the purple sand dunes 
My show favourite screams Cruella De Villa. It looks so fabulous.

Jeremy Scott has the fashion world at his feet.
He has already dominated NYFW with a collection that was the talk of the industry but now even he has excelled himself. 
Jeremy's Moschino runway fufilled my wildest dreams.
Barbie was his muse.
Would we expect anything less from the designer who based his AW14 collection around McDonalds and Spongebob? 
FROW goers received bespoke barbies and pink mirror iphone covers as they were seated for the most genius catwalk I have ever seen.
Moschino, who famously own their own Cheap 'n' Chic line, have succeeded in something no other designer could.
Barbie? Tacky, cheap, too OTT? Forget these connotations Jeremy has demonstrated how anything is possible. As soon as I was exposed to this runway I was quite literally in a trance with these gorgeous creations. Tweeting about today's show even those who are ignorant to fashion showed interest in a collection that is relatable and ravishing.

Which was your favourite show of the day? Are you are as obsessed as I am with the Moschino runway?! 

Check out
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Day 1- September 17th SS15 MFW

Welcome to Milan darlings! 
Romanic, full of history and home to some of the most profound fashion houses the world has seen.

Day 1, September 17th 
Gucci kicked off Milan fashion week with one of the most divine and chic collections I have seen from the brand in a long time. Gucci has defined itself within the fashion world producing certain connatations and details we expect to see on the catwalk including dark undertones within colours and matte fabrics. 
Gucci somewhat mesmerises me with its use of colour. We saw nudes, greens and blush in the brands AW14 collection yet we see rich browns, reds and yellows in their Spring/Summer collection- deviating from the conventional and entering a world of distortion whilst overlapping, if not contradicting, seasons. 
Military chic has always been a favourite of mine, as you can tell I adore structure and of course tailoring, however I am also a lover of the pussy bow which is why I adore both these day looks. 
Plunging necklines, oriental patterns and blue denim look ensembles feel retro, cultural and are trends that are ready to dominate the new season.
Alberta Ferretti
Alberta Ferretti's collection channelled something we have not seen in a long time, the Grecian persona. After many many seasons of designers overusing this style it almost diminished completlely. To my delight it has returned with gorgeous materials, modern colours and the same stunning hair and beauty looks. The Grecian vibe succeeds almost always and Alberta Ferretti was the first designer to catch onto his return, just look at that fabulous serpent like neck cuff. 

N.21 was pleasantly surprising with their Spring/Summer collection. These pieces are perfect to escape from the city, think Summer in the Hamptons. 

Fausto Puglisi 
This collection delivered everything, edginess, experimental and exaggeration. Whether patterned, block coloured, bright or metallic these pieces tempt those who are afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone. 
Orange once again returns but not in its overstated self like we usually see. These past few seasons designers have been using block colouring to slowly introduce orange into their collections. Now that this colour is established and has been successful they are beginning to incorporate orange with other trends such as pattern. 
My favourite trend for next season is metallic. Gone are the days where metallic comes across as being cheap and not so chic. Metallic is show stopping and one of the easiest trends to embrace whether it's all over or a combination piece.

Which was your favourite show from Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week? Mine was by far Fausto Puglisi however it would not be MFW without a Gucci opening! 
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