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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Holiday time! Travel essentials

Well girlies it's that time once more, time for a holiday! Everyone keeps saying, 'you've only just come back from Ibiza', but to me Ibiza feels a million miles away (not to mention relaxation did not come into play at all).

This time I am jetting off on a family holiday and lucky for me it's a 5*plus holiday in Turkey, I can already see how fabulous it is going to be. I will be blogging a little differently from Turkey. Although I will not be doing a holiday style diary I will be constantly updating you with all my doings!
The time is 22:50pm on the night before I go away and I have not packed which is extremely unlike me, most probably because Ibiza took it out of me. 
Here is a travel checklist of 9 items to make your journey, long or short, a little more glamorous and a little less tedious.

1.  'She's so Jetset' Benefit, £30

This is an absolute must buy! I am so in love with mine. A primer, range of four eye shadows, powder, blusher, lipgloss and mascara all come included in this set. This is your key to looking phenomenal as you step off the plane. Turn yourself into the Victoria Beckham's and Kate Middleton's of the world with crazy airport glamour (although they definitely have help doing this!)
All of these products are travel size and do not exceed your liquid limit.

2.  Earphones: Accessorize, £12

A necessity to block out the noisy background and indulge in your amazing travel playlist. Super stylish.

3.  Eye mask: Holistic Silk, £47
Such a worthwhile investment. You will fall asleep perfectly with one of these and avoid puffy eyes!

4.  Perfume tester

Smell gorgeous without exceeding the liquid limits. I usually take lots and lots of testers on holiday to avoid smashing bottles and I easily get bored of the same scent.

5.  Nail Polish: Nails Inc, £11
A bordem killer and it saves you rushing your mini mani when you have all that packing to do.

6. Face Wipes: Off your face, £4.50

 Feel fresh and look glowing. Essential for those ridiculously long flights as well as early mornings.

7. Tangle Teezer, £10
Have luscious flowing locks. Always.

8. Ipad case: Ted Baker, £49

It is so worth investing an ipad case. The Ted Baker ones are gorgeous and totally chic and can even substitute as a clutch. Michael Kors are equally as great!

9. A Jacket: Topshop, £55

You maybe jetting off somewhere hot and sunny but whilst you're in the air it is freezing. A jacket smartens your outfit up and you feel all the benefits.

Let me know your travel essentials darlings!
Enjoy x
*All photos are from respected stated sites

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