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Friday 16 August 2013

Statement making accessories

Maybe you are opting for an LBD or plain old jeans? Who cares? The key to making your outfit look out of this world is by choosing the perfect accessories. The art of accessorising is important as it dramatically changes an outfits message and how it is perceived.
Here are my top 7 must have statement accessories ...

1. A fabulous clutch
Vivienne Westwood Chatelaine Leather clutch, £170
 A clutch is personal, only you know what you are hiding inside. Your personality should be shown through the bag you're holding. You may prefer oversized and glitzy or black, sleek and chained whatever you choose a clutch is a major part of your outfit therefore you must carefully consider what you have opted for. Vivienne Westwood bags are simply to die for, Vivienne caters for both those who prefer minimal as well as those who prefer something a little more outgoing. I love these Vivienne Westwood Chatelaine leather clutches especially the printed one with such a vibrant colour and design which can be worn as a clutch or shoulder bag.

2. Colour popping heels
 Topshop, £75
Colour and height go hand in hand. This comes into play when you opt for outfits that are a little more subtle and low key. You feet are the perfect place to show off bolds and brights. These Topshop heels with an oversized buckle are a perfect addition to an outfit to make that outfit eyecatching.

3. Rock and Roll Rings
Marc Jacobs, £65
Rings as such, can add and edgier feel to your outfit. Do not opt for something that's completely over the top but experiment with unusual shapes or something that looks a little out of place with the rest of your outfit. This way more attention is drawn to your fabulous statement accessorising and something as small as a ring gets all the appreciation it deserves. 

4. Floppy, oversized hat
Miss Selfridge, £28
Of course a hat is not always appropriate for every occasion so you should make us of it while it is because a hat is simply glamorous. Through every season floppy hats can be worn whether you are walking around in your duffel and boots in the snow or laying on the beach soaking up the sun, hats spark an element of sophistication and class.

5. Embellished Earrings
Vivienne Westwood Swarovski, £190
An accessory that very much says, 'darling look at me'. A lot of people choose to cover themselves in extravagant jewellery but in my opinion you should choose one main piece that excels all others. My favourite piece of jewellery to choose are the earrings. I am a major supporter of oversized and overly glittering earrings.

6. Understated (but not too understated!) belt
Tory Burch, £175
Now I am not a great lover of belts however I am easily persuaded if the right one catches my eye. To me a belt should be minimal something that says, 'look at me, however also admire the rest of my outfit '. This Tory Burch belt is one of my favourites. The black and gold work so well together and that gold clasp has the right amount of boldness a belt should have.

7. Patterned tights 
Pretty Polly, £6
Tights are so easily accessible and do not cost a lot at all. I love patterned tights as long as they are picked out right. My favourite are gloss black seam tights. With the black line travelling up the back of your leg it has the right amount of 'sexy' yet sophisticated.

Accessorising is a must. Statement pieces are what make your outfit every inch fabulous.
Pick carefully darlings.
*All photos are from respected stated sites

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