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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Conquer the city, be the 'it girl', hello university.

Say hello to a new freedom, ridiculously long summers, a whole new set of friendships and a well respected education, or so it would seem. In other words conquer the city , be bold, strive for success and immerse yourself in the heights of fashion.

Thought train …

The city is yours
You choose how you look
Success is in your hands
Independence is Key

DO- Push the boundaries, go out of your comfort zone
DO- Approach people
DO- Go out even when you do not feel like it, spontaneous nights out are the best
DO- Try different things, activities, societies, clubs
DO- Attend most of your lectures. Have a happy balance between going out and work, you will be surprised how many lectures you are able to turn up to on a few hours sleep.
DO- Live like a student. This is my weakness, £50/60/70 outfits and Marks and Spencers food shopping? I need a little practice.
DO- Take pride in the place you live whether it is only for a year or not

DO NOT- Expect luxury
DO NOT- Stress over work. Talk to your tutor if you are struggling you can find some guidance
DO NOT- Opt for work over going out, unless you are behind. Being organised is one thing, being boring is another.
DO NOT- focus on the fact that 40% is a pass although at many points of your first year this is a welcomed though. Strive to achieve.
DO NOT- put up with a flat/house that is falling apart. Speak up.

Check out my blogpost, 'Dress for success; the art of power powerdressing'

Essentials list

For lectures ...

· A decent sized handbag or tote to accompany your handbag
· Personal organiser or planner for your academic year
· Notebooks, highlighters and stationary
· Tablet- useful to google, make notes, calendar and voice recorder

Fashion ...

· A fabulous coat- warm enough, stylish and one of autumns hottest colours
· Boots- rain, snow … need I say more?
· Umbrella
· Jeans- suitable to wear with anything and a wardrobe basic to making that super cute outfit
· Jumpers, sweaters, cardigans- think winter and cold lecture theatres
· Blazers, Blouses and Skirts- Remember success through powerdressing? Well here is your key, look fabulous, feel fabulous, show you are fabulous
· Sweats- I am not a fan of sweats at all but a pair of Victoria’s Secret campus crops are the way     forward
· An Overnight bag- for visiting home or going away for the weekend
· A range of going out outfits from cocktails to clubbing- these include party dresses, dress shorts, embellished tops, playsuits … girlies this is where your concentration should lie
· Heels, heels and more heels
· Of course you already know your beauty essentials

Bedroom Essentials ...
                                                               · Candles and diffusers
· Photos- Although I do not like displaying photos (personal choice) I can understand why many opt for then especially if you live so far away from home. Instead I choose fashion campaigns to decorate my pin board, this is my place to admire.
· Throws and cushions with a glamorous duvet- Make sure you invest in at least one gorgeous duvet set. The key to a room you’ll love is starting at the focal point which is the bed so make sure you decorate accordingly and you will love it!
· Organisers- Having a clean and organised room clears your mind and makes you feel good about yourself, or so I find.
·  Lightshades and lamps
·  Books/DVDs- Fill your room with your favourite books and DVDs to create a more homely vibe.

University is what you make of it darlings ...

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