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Thursday 21 September 2017

Wander in the Dominican Republic | beauty and cause

The past few weeks has seen so much devastation brought upon our world. The natural disasters that have entailed hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Jose and Maria alongside the tragedy of earthquake in Mexico has left families without loved ones and without a home. I visited the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island, a little over a month ago and was faced with such timeless beauty and landscape never sparing a thought that these islands, and many others would soon face tragedy. 
For these people to suffer such heartbreak is unimaginable. I could have continued my blog posts on my trip to the Dominican but this would not have been right. Instead I would like to share with you some of my personal, unedited photos of the Puerto Plata, a place I will remain eternally grateful to have visited.
Please say a prayer,
please spare a thought for so many in need of help at this moment in time.

You can donate to help those in desperate need of help here. No donation is too big or small.
Here are just some of the ways.
Save the Children-

IMPORTANT: Before you donate check out Vogue's tips and advice from the Federal Trade commission to avoid scammers. 
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