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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

What's in my bag? Christmas '17 | Blogmas

The mini edition
           I have recently changed my go to handbag to something that is simple, structured and will go with any ensemble. This is a handbag that I pick up as I leave the house for any occasion and it is very rare that I change it's contents. I have had this Zara over the shoulder bag (SHOP SIMILAR) since last fall and I know I will have it for months to come. Costing around £39.99 it is the perfect mini for any trip and it's size eliminates the temptation to overfill it with unnecessary belongings.
      As many of you know I am a sunglasses enthusiast and wear them all year around. My Fendi Iridia's (SHOP), in classic black and gold, always leave the house with me. I consider these an essential to keeping my eye make up in place especially in the midst of a never ending polar vortex. 
     I have recently switched to an iPhone X (yes I am still figuring out how to use it). Like many I rarely leave the house without my phone but I also consider accessories such as a power bank a necessity when you are a far away from home, working long days or on the go. These keep you in loop with the world and great in an emergency. 
     Having a card holder is revolutionary. Instead of carrying around a purse, which is unlikely to fit, a card holder contains everything you need and is perfect for nights out in the city! I bought mine from River Island (SHOP SIMILAR) however the variations are endless. 
    You may think are three lip pieces really that essential? to which I argue yes they are. I always carry around two lipsticks, one day time and another evening. My current favourites are Bitch Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury (SHOP) and Marthe by Chanel (SHOP). I also carry my Unleash Me lipgloss by Charlotte Tilbury as an added extra to wear over Marthe (SHOP). These are for days when you don't have time for a dramatic outfit change but your still need a little help in creating a flawless look. Another quick trick is carrying a perfume sample or handbag bottle with your favourite scent (my current favourite is CT, Scent of a Dream), you never know when it will be needed.

Which are your favourite handbag accessories this festive season?
What do you consider an essential?
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