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Friday, 3 July 2015

Santorini dreaming

You know year after year I holiday in Ibiza, my favourite white isle. However this Summer it was time to try something just that little bit different. Whilst Ibiza is sassy, outrageous and the centre of European partying it was time to take things a little further afield. 


Remember that time Serena Van Der Woodsen drank too much Ouzo and married Carter Baizen? I can now see why.

Whilst it is all fine saying Santorini is one of those places to see before you die, actually visiting it is a whole different experience. It is magical and mesmerising. 
The crisp white buildings with vibrant blue tops, the cobbled streets and a cliff side view of the finest buildings only partially epitomise it's iconic beauty.

Darlings, you know what to do.
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