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Saturday, 11 July 2015



This week marked one of the most important achievements of my life so far. On Tuesday I received a Bachelor of Arts, upper second class honours degree in Politics and Sociology, from Newcastle University, standing in the very same spot Martin Luther King received his Honorary Doctorate of Civil Law in 1967.

During my three years of student life I have worked extensively to prove people wrong. Whilst Ooohlalaa it's fashion was founded in the latter half of my first year I found many doubting my intentions and capabilities both at the thought of a fashion blog and the fact that I was studying the difficult subject of Politics. Whilst my University career has of course had many ups and downs, I never quit.
I only believe in success, even if obstacles obscure its reach. 

I got there whilst experiencing the many occurring problems of adult life and juggling working on three different levels. Every second of every day was spent dipped in some aspect of hectic city life and the chance to breathe was limited at all times. 
Was it worth it?

Ooohlalaa it's fashion is about inspiring, influencing and contributing to change.
If you can take these objectives and apply them to all aspects of your life you will find positivity and peace with yourself. 

Does success mean successful?
Yes, but does successful ever find itself in connotation with the word easy?
Does successful mean the end?
What is the main contributor to success?

We're not done here.

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