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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Barcelona was never a city at the top of my wanderlust but instead a famously iconic one I had to tick off my list. I just couldn't understand the fascination ... until I arrived. If I had only known before how wonderful it was I know my visit there would have happened a long time ago as it firmly sits near the top of my list.
Barcelona is simply magical. Around every street your mind is blown by the incredible architecture, landscape and vivid bursts of colour. Like Paris, you arrive with a vision and your expectations are exceeded dramatically. Being surrounded by such beauty makes you feel nothing less than amazing. This city is one that combines tourism, adventure, culture and a Summer vacation all into one. 
Your return is inevitable. 

This European city is renown as one of the worlds finest. In mainland Spain it remains one of the easiest European destinations to get to, and also one of the cheapest. The thing about Barcelona is that you can experience it in anyway you want. Perhaps you want to be in the heart of the city sampling boutique hotels in the Gothic quarter, or maybe chilling by the beach or better yet situated in Barcelona's financial district dividing your time between history and high tech. The possibilities are endless.

Where to stay?
5*,  Hospitalet de Llobregat BOOK+34 93 4135000
'it’s a real city landmark, complete with a fabulous glass-roof cupola'

4.4*, Place de la Rosa dels Vents, +34 93 295 28 00 BOOK
'boasting panoramic views over the Mediterranean and city of Barcelona' 

3*, Gothic Neighbourhood BOOK
' a neoclassical building on Via Laietana which has been completely renovated with decor inspired by the voyages of yesteryear'

via Laietana,, BOOK
'the avant-garde interior design of the current building contrasts with a neoclassic façade classified as historical heritage'

Where to explore?
PARC GUELL, entice yourself with the exquisite works of Antoni Guadi. Learn his history and experience his passion for creation as you step into a dream world where mosaics take over and pathways lead only to the most divine discoveries.
PORT AVENTURA, if you are feeling a little daring Barcelona is a main route to one of Europe's most famous theme parks and this is one thrill you really will love.
LA SAGRADA FAMILIA, this Basilica is the landmark that identifies Barcelona on the map, with it's Gothic design representing the foundations of what makes this city so phenomenal and furthermore iconic. If there is one thing I would recommend it's taking a trip to admire this beautiful architecture. It is unlikely you will see something quite as breathtaking in it's design.
BARCELONA CATHEDERAL, experience Barcelona in all it's glory, mingle with the local people and shop in some of the most chic boutiques whilst testing some of its favourite cuisine. 
MAGIC FOUNTAIN OF MONTJUÏC, picture perfect this is the location of all those dreamy Instagram snaps that created your desire to visit Barcelona in the first instance. Day or night magic really is the most perfect way to describe it.
OLYMPIC STADIUM, still in pristine condition explore the location of the 1992 Olympics and some of the worlds greatest sporting events.
CAMP NOU, whether you are a football lover or not ... when in Barcelona the experience is more than worthwhile.

Clubs and Restaurants 
I: Mixed cuisine, lounge and club @CDLCBARCELONA
FB: Eclipse club, W Hotel @ECLIPSEBARCELONA
FB: Salt beach club, W Hotel @WBARCELONA

Barcelona is a city of the unexpected. Never had I imagined the endless opportunities and discovery this beautiful city had to offer. A beach holiday in itself is always enough, now pair that with the greatest city break you have ever seen and you've escaped into destination dreams.

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