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Monday, 17 July 2017


Santorini, one of the most romantic isles in the world. This is an island that anyone can fall in love with not only for it's postcard landscape but for it's culture and dream like setting- a reminder that peace, relaxation and an open mind are a real thing. Iconic for it's gorgeous deep waters and white architecture, the hillside of this island means that waking up everyday falls nothing short of spectacular. For years now Mykonos has been the place to be but that is about to change this Summer as more and more wanderers are making a switch they will never regret. 

Santorini is a dreamy Greek island a hop away from Crete. It's two major towns, Fira and Oia are essential tourist hot spots with Fira providing all the history you desire and Oia, the location of that famous white washed cliffside village that makes this island so easily identified. Santorini's landscape means its a popular location for laid back destination weddings and cruise layovers. Whilst most major airports fly directly, arriving by sea provides you with the ultimate experience as you trek up a hillside and begin to Santorini in a new limelight. 

Where to stay? 
Santorini is known for it's luxury. Whilst you will many find modernised resorts and complex's why not take a risk and go for a local, boutique hotel? Whilst costly, this experience is mostly definitely a tick off your bucket list and more often than not experiencing one of the worlds most treasured possessions can be life changing- and worth it. 

5*, Imerovigli Santorini, 
'The Most Romantic Hotel for 2017'- world travel awards
'breathtaking panoramic views of the mysterious caldera, a sleeping volcano and the endless blue Aegean Sea'

5*, Imerovigli Santorini, 
'endless blends a sense of glamour, heritage, modern amenities and highly personalised services'

4*, Pyrgos Kallistis Santorini,
'unique. Set in an old factory, this villa breathes with history'

4*, Thira,
'combines the Cycladic surroundings with the breathtaking views of the east side of the island'

Where to explore? 
TAKE A WALK One of the greatest adventures you have ever been on will be by foot. Meet local people, dance in the street, sip Ouzo and buy trinket after trinket. From the phenomenal blue domed churches to a swim in the deep blue sea, Santorini was made to be discovered and do so as you please, just make sure you do it.
SUNSET IN OIA Taste some of the finest cuisine as you watch a magical sunset over this wonderful landscape. From first hand experience I can promise you this is something unlike any other.
WINE TASTING Can you name something more magical than wine tasting in one of the worlds dreamiest settings? This really is something out of the movies and may very well be one of the reasons why Angelina Jolie owns property here- BOOK
HELICOPTER RIDE Whilst costly this is a one in a life time experience. You've discovered the island by foot so now it's time to explore the skies and see this breathtaking isle in all it's glory. BOOK
HIRE A PRIVATE CATAMARAN Cruise around the luxurious island, taking in some of the most breathtaking sites and swimming in private waters. Nothing fall shorts of picture perfect and scuba diving and snorkelling are readily waiting.- BOOK
EXPLORING IN AKROTIRI Take a step back in time and explore the bronze age discovering tales of craftsmanship and architecture. After all you are in Greece, a country with a story and one that prides itself on such an amazing and vivid culture- BOOK

Bars, Clubs & Restaurants
FB: European @AMBROSIA

Santorini is a hidden treasure. Many have heard of it, many of not. Whether you're honeymooning or not do not be put off by it's romantic entice. Santorini is a destinations for lovers of all. You instantly become infatuated with your surroundings meaning the desire to explore is overwhelming from the second you arrive. It's culture paired with its incredible horizon provides you with a place to relax and forget all that you wish. Whether you're a yoga guru or just someone in need of a break, it's time to escape to Santorini. 
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