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Wednesday 17 May 2017


Düsseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany. 
Claudia Schiffer herself was discovered in one of Düsseldorf's nightclubs and soon went on to become the face of Chanel.

Fashion is the central aspect to this city and inevitably prime to the aesthetic of Hotel Indigo. 
Hotel Indigo, situated around ten minutes from the Alt Stadt, merges a powerful modern design with the classic 60's monochrome check. Making a statement is exactly what this hotel is about, combining  yellows and purples with a powerful white throughout its buildings and a mono checked carpet. 

Copies of your favourite fashion magazines and beloved coffee table books are at your disposal, being replaced daily. Paired with a gorgeous balcony view, a Nespresso and a little sunshine, this is the place where your mindset is magic and your motivation is bubbling. 

Mirrors and paintings extensively decorated the walls with even the bathrooms having a ring light to ensure your flawless beauty look. Closets are spacious and Aveda products scattered, ensuring luxury is at every corner of this venue. 

Hotel Indigo provides luxury with work and luxury with play. The staff accommodate your every need providing you with a clear workspace and a place to wind down and reward yourself with a cocktail as day comes to a close (even when you arrive home in the early hours of the morning). 

This hotel is authentic, boutique and celebrates the best of what Düsseldorf has to offer.
Whether you are travelling for business or traveling for leisure Hotel Indigo fulfils all your desires. 

Book your stay here and experience the finest in the fashion district.

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Hotel Indigo
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