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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Eyes on the prize | SHOP THE LOOK

As you may have guessed my darlings I jetted off to Germany, one of my favourite countries in the world. Visiting Düsseldorf has been bittersweet as I spent a significant amount of my childhood growing up in this area.

Königsallee is Düsseldorfs answer to Champs Elysées with Hermès, Versace and Harry Winston all within a steps reach to each other. This is a place where
people are blissfully unaware of their surroundings. One where people come to shop, relax and enjoy
without a second thought. It's famous art district means that as you wander the streets not only do 
you come across it's flawless landscape and impeccable sculptures but also some of the most chic
outfits your eyes will ever lay on, think Commes Des Garçons takes the city. 

Whilst the hustle of Paris is constant this city emerges itself in laid back vibes during the day however, like many other European cities, comes alive at night all the way through to the next day.
After all they do say work hard, play harder my darlings and nothing is stopping you if you have earned it.

This is the place that reminds you exactly just what you are working for.
If you work hard enough you will get it, but you won't stop there.
Keep your eyes on the prize.

Top: River Island SHOP SIMILAR
Skirt: Topshop SHOP
Bag: KoKo Couture SHOP
Shoes: Topshop SHOP
Sunglasses: Fendi SHOP
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