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Monday, 5 September 2016

The thing about September

September is all about new beginnings and change.
Whilst Summer is a carefree past time that allows us to release our flings and frolics that we have desired all year round, this season is one where we let everything go and start again. There is just something about September that holds importance like no other.

This month I turn 23. The thing about 23 is, it holds little significance in the grand scheme of things. Whilst everyone is well aware of when they hit their decades, or life quarter, 23 still provides you with every opportunity to repeat your mistakes and continue learning from them. You still have seven years before you hit that thirty mark, lets make them all the more spontaneous.

Fashion week
I have been lusting after fashion week for so long. After a long start to the year I find myself craving new season, new trends, new cuts and new names. New York to London, Milan to Paris has never been desired more. This season we will see the up and coming rise of runway to retail. More and more designers and brands have decided to open up the borders to allow you to shop your favourite looks straight from the runway. We have come along way even since those snapchat premieres.

Autumn/Fall is my favourite season. Whether it's the leaves falling from the trees, the rainy days or all Hallows Eve, there is just something about this season that excites me more than anything. Burnt out colours, bold statements and trips to the pumpkin patch have never been more appealing.

The City
The city flourishes in the fall months. September is the month of motivation and magic. Power surrounds all of us, as does ambition, and pushes us to our very limits. Striving for success has never been more important and time and time again we kill it. It's time to show our love for the city once again.

But where does that leave us darlings?
It's back to the runway then onto the streets. Getting these next few months right significantly impacts the remainder of your year. Whilst of course the calendar months are January to December, I still work from September to August, my mood matches the season and it only makes sense to slay from the start and reward yourself at the bitter sweet end.

It's time to kill it my darlings.
We are about to talk fall looks, fall glam and power players.
Oh, that's after one last fling with Summer ... 
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