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Monday, 22 August 2016

Getting to know you

It has been a while since I have given you a life update. Instead of providing you with a low down I have taken my favourite questions from an array of blogger tags and shared my answers.
Everyone likes a little fun on a Monday night right?

1. The soundtrack of your life
B'day- Beyonce
2. A place you were ten years ago
3. The last time you really laughed
Yesterday when I nearly fell into a pond
4. Something you’ve always wanted to try
Sky diving, i’m a lover of heights

5. Word of the day
6. Five minutes with the President, what do you talk about?
‘Do you think Hillary will redecorate?’
7. A career change tomorrow, to what?
The next Tim Peake
8. Favourite time of the year
September fashion week

9. Inspiration
Diane Von Furstenberg
10. Quote to live by
Slay trick or you get eliminated
11. Catch me reading
American Vogue, Kendall is killing it
12. Guilty pleasure

13. Night in or night out
Always night out
14. Social media
15. A cause you’re passionate about
Gender equality
16. Catch me
Online shopping
17. Trendsetter
Victoria Beckham is the ultimate power dresser

18. A trend that needs to die
Patterned leggings.
Correction: leggings.
19. Designer of the moment?
Olivier Rousteing, does anyone else have an overwhelming
desire to join the Balmain Army?
20. Favourite store
Victoria's Secret
21. Outfit dreams
A bikini a day

22. Relocation destination
23. Go to beauty
Revolution peach lights highlighter
24. Live in LA?
Oh please, the Hills has been my favourite thing since 2006
25. Favourite thing about Winter?
Knee high boots and darker than dark lipstick

26. City
Paris, the fashion capital
27. Vacation where? 
Havana, Cuba. The Chanel cruise show made a case for it
28. Hit by lightning?
Beach parties in a tropical storm are never a good idea
(no I wasn't hit) 
29. Favourite book
The Great Gatsby. Speakeasies and scandal

30. A movie you can quote word for word
Princess Diaries 2
31. Your Olympic Sport
Hula hooping
32. Ultimate crush
Jared Leto, even if he has better hair than me
33. A TV show you wish was still on air
Gossip Girl. Life has never been the same without my weekly dose of Chuck Bass
34. Spirit animal
... Blair Waldorf

35. Weakness
The Irish accent 
36. Lover of
37. Hater of
38. Dreamer of

Don't take life to seriously darlings. 
Be sure to email me your answers or comment, I love to hear from you! 
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