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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Back to the city

                             It wasn't all too long ago that I found myself immersed in city blues.
I longed for a break away from the dangerous reality that the city brings to you all year round and lusted after the island.

To say I have thoroughly enjoyed my fling with Summer this year is an understatement. I visited the other side of the globe, surrounded myself with cultures unlike my own, wanderlusted after dream destinations and met some incredible people ...
but now i'm back.

Remember the thing about September? Well it's time to grind, seek your inspiration and slay. 
When the going gets tough, suck it up.
When life gets you down, shimmy your way back up.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
The only shade you should be concerned about is the colour of your next Winter coat.

The city feels exciting and new once more. Whether your eyes are fixated on the runway, you're shopping for your new AW16 wardrobe, you take on a huge task in the workplace or meet a new array of people. It's time to kill it darlings, don't let anyone mess with your vibes. 
After all we are all about the sassy city frolicking. 
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