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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

September favourites

Can you believe it's October darlings?
Fall is in full flow, the nights are a little darker and the city is a little colder.
It has been a minute since I wrote a favourites post but I just couldn't resist, 
September was far to good not to. 
Couture La la by Juicy Couture SHOP
As we've discussed before, scents say a lot about a person. I get through bottles of fragrance all to frequently. Whilst I already have my favourites such as Tom Ford Black Orchid and Marc Jacobs Decadence for when we engage in city night frolics, I am forever switching up my everyday go to. This month I have been wearing Couture La la by Juicy Couture. Yes, it's a little sweet and yes it's a little fun, but after all you wear what you please and what you please mirrors your mood. 
Pandora Rose SHOP
I was gifted this gorgeous ring a few weeks back and it is now permanently attached to my fingers. From a girl who has never rated rings or participated in the current Pandora phase, I am now a lover of Pandora rose. I'm particularly selective about the array of rings that appeal to my liking in Pandora and this is perfection. I have never been an over the top jewellery fanatic, but this simple embellished band in darling rose gold is flawless. 
Lulu Guinness limited edition Vaseline
Okay, so I know Vaseline is Vaseline but we all know I adore anything Lulu Guinness. Over the years Vaseline has collaborated with many brands such as Selfridges but this is without a doubt a favourite that will remain in my handbag for months. 
The pink thing
So you may have guessed a recurring theme when it comes to my September favourites, we are talking all things pink. Whilst I have always been a a lover of Barbie's go to colour it has reached an unprecedented level over the past month. If things are a little scandalous you may as well look outrageously show stopping whilst they occur. Pink? Sequinned? Darling you are good to go.
KoKo K by Kylie Cosmetics
Whilst I have had my eyes fixed on every Kylie lip kit release I had never thought about getting my hands on one (they sell out in seconds). My best friend got me KoKo K as a birthday gift and it has become a lip lover, life changer. This shade, which I can only describe as a dirty pink, has replaced my beloved Mac Creme Cup this month as my go to product. This matte kit lasts all day without reapplication and I have received multiple compliments about it's exquisite colour. Of course i'm lusting after every Kylie shade now more than ever.
Dior blusher brush 16 SHOP
I'm still yet to put down my bronzer. After spending part of the month in the wonderful city of Barcelona I am just not ready to give up my summer tan (although it's inevitably fading/very much gone). This Dior brush is my favourite applicator of all time. Whether bronzing, blushing or highlighting this angled brush ensures perfection and whilst it may sit in a higher price band than others it's investment is worthwhile.
What would Blair Waldorf do?
So judging by my Instagram it's pretty obvious that this is my mantra. For a girl who still hasn't fall out of love with Gossip Girl, Queen B's thoughts and sassy sayings are life quotes. These pencils were a cute addition to my home decor. 
Amethyst Aphrodisiac by Charlotte Tilbury SHOP
Confession, I don't have green eyes. However that just wasn't enough to put me off. I am completely into purple and burgundy shades right now and this crayon eyeshadow is everything I need without the fuss of multiple products. Once again Charlotte continues to deliver and the results fall nothing short of perfection. 
A/W16 Barry M Gelly shades SHOP
I replace my Barry M shades constantly. These are the only bottles of nail polish I get to the bottom of as I use them so frequently. I picked up two new colours from their Autumn/Winter collection just the other day and I cannot pick a favourite between the two. I'm completely rating purples at the moment meaning Oasis is a dream. That being said Paradise, a Burberry inspired brown, has all the attributes of the most gorgeous nude you have ever set your eyes on. 
Sweet tooth
I have had a complete sweet tooth throughout September. That may have something to do with the all the rainbow cake and gelato I have had for breakfast on one to many occasions. These SugarSin handmade lollipops taste as good as they look and they are gluten free, naturally flavoured and naturally coloured not to mention completely vegan! 

Darlings, what have you been loving over the past month?
Be sure to let me know!
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