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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Reason

Today marks the third birthday of Ooohlalaa it's fashion, a landmark that up until this moment I never thought I would reach. The reason I did is more important to me than words could ever truly describe.

Whilst I share part of my life online I remain preciously protective over keeping my private life private. I have fought with myself over the past two weeks about whether I would ever write this post however I feel as though it is important that I share this with you.

On the 15th February I lost my best friend.
Over the past year she fought the hardest battle a person could ever face, one that no one could ever imagine. The thing about this is very few knew. Privacy was a trait of hers that allowed her to flourish in life as she embarked on her road to success. No one could ever accomplish the strength she had mentally and physically as she endured reality. Her talent was endless, her passion everlasting and her friendship indescribable.

Since October, when she first entered treatment, life has never been the same for any of us. Whilst you learn to cope during an anxious wait, thoughts overpower. There was never a single second of the day where I didn't think about her. It felt so selfish when you felt such pain as she bypassed challenge after challenge. She was always our priority, nothing else mattered. Along with our very closest this journey also had optimism, power and love throughout. With my two best friends, who shared this heartbreak, we were making it through together.

What many don't know about this wonderful girl is that she was my number one supporter. An artist herself, with talents beyond belief, she was behind me in everything I did. She was the one person who got it. From the very early days of Ooohlalaa it's fashion she was my source of encouragement and motivation. She made me take pride in my work and believed in me when even I didn't believe in myself. She always offered help and praised my efforts. The first thing she asked me when she was well enough was, 'how is Ooohlalaa doing?'. She made it seem like it was the most important thing in the world when she was enduring a challenge not one of us could face.

This is my reason for continuing.
When the world breaks your heart you are willing to give up everything but if I gave up everything what would her support have been for?
She was there from the start and I know she will be here til the finish.
This is the reason we have made it to this third birthday.

Whilst I could post endless photographs, share my thoughts on social media or relive my favourite memories by sharing them, this is not me and this is not us. This privacy has kept our friendship together and it will for eternity.

But what now?
Many think I have been away working or taking myself away from the world but it was time to do so much more. It was time I visit the only city I know that can pull back the pieces and mend my broken heart. Not only is this a city I have always desired to go to but one with such meaning. It wasn't time to leave this period of my life behind, if that is even possible, without cause. I venture with my best friends as we place our heart and soul into this city. One that embraces and marks such life. No one ever expects to suffer such loss in their life. The hole that is left can never be filled and now is the time needed to process this.

This wonderful figure in my life will stay with me everyday.
Whilst she may not be here the four of us will always be together in Paris. The city that brought light in the darkest time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the continued support over the past three years, it is beyond anything I could have imagined.

All my love,
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For Olivia.

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