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Friday, 4 March 2016

City of Love

Its March, can you believe it? Spring has finally sprung and Leo finally has that Oscar.
As you know I am currently spending my days in the wonderful city of Paris. Whilst it was my dream to be in Paris during fashion week these next few posts are going to be less about PFW and more about the city itself- the city that can change everything.  I am choosing to share this with you for a number of reasons, one; its important I show Paris in all its glory and two; blogging is my escape.
The first thing you think of when you come to France is the most famous of landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. Now it may sound a little crazy but I expected myself to be underwhelmed when first seeing it. People always give you different views on how they reacted when seeing something so momentous, however I was the exact opposite. Having visited many European cities, but never Paris, I thought I knew what to expect but I was wrong. Coming face to face with the most amazing view I have ever seen in my life meant love at first sight. I had fallen for Pariee. 
Entering Paris was like something of a dream. From the first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower to driving past the Arc de Triomphe, it really was something out of a movie. Endless times I have rewatched Anastasia shop the cobbled streets or seen Blair Waldorfs famous 'I love Paris eyes', and now I finally understand.  
Of course my first stop was always going to be the Eiffel Tower. Staying a few moments away from this glorious landmark means a visit could happen in an instance, and yes this did happen in the middle of the night. Luckily my hotel is in Trocadero meaning the entire view fell nothing short of perfection. Paris couldn't have happened any more last minute and for that I am thankful for.
It is what I needed.
A lot of things have changed my perspective over the past few months and now more than ever this new vision has changed the way I live my life. Seeing a new city, in all its beauty, captured my attention in an instance. I already knew I was in love with the Parisian culture but being able to experience it is something different. 
Join me over the next few days as I allow you into my Parisian adventure. Paris is the city of love and brings light to all that visit. Doing something out of the ordinary such as spending your afternoon at the top of the Eiffel Tower can mean so much. Never have I been to such a city that was filled with such beauty.
With love from Paris. 
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