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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Parisian pleasures

Paris balconies
Walking the streets of Pariee are like no other. Every corner you turn you are faced with endless rows of apartment blocks that you only ever imagined in your wildest dreams. Ever found yourself longing for the landscape of Champs de Mars appearing in the views from your window?
Breakfast by the Eiffel Tower and Dinner by Notre Dame
As we have already seen Paris presents itself with the finest settings. Whether you are dining with your friends or going a date this city falls nothing short of magical. Of course when you are in France you have to try the finest cuisine. I only wish I could do this everyday.
Shakespeare and Company
Perhaps you are browsing the endless shelves of this amazing bookstore or attending one of their poetry readings, regardless I know you will fall in love. If you are searching character, history and classics a visit to here will fulfil all your desires. 
French magazines
We all know Paris is the fashion capital so seeing the likes of Gigi fronting Vogue Paris on every news stand comes as a welcome sight. Of course I had to purchase some of my favourites. 


So everyone knows about Macarons from Laudree but have you ever tried them? Whilst I know there are stores in London and New York there is something about going to the flagship stores in their home city that is extra special. I can confirm that one, these Macarons are incredible and two, emergency Macron runs are certainly a thing.  

Can Paris provide the pleasure you seek?
Of course.

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