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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

VVB X Nails Inc. Review

As I previously wrote Santa seemed to know me a little too well. 
A few months ago when I heard about the Victoria by Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc. collaboration I was mesmerised and just knew I had to get my hands on a bottle. 
My favourite designer and go to nail brand merged into one? 
Victoria released two colours for this capsule, Judo red (as pictured) and Bamboo white.
The packaging was so chic and simplistic, very much like the VB brand itself, fresh and sophisticated. The bottle, it's texture and everything it came in immediately made me excited to try it.
I use Nails Inc. on a regular basis however VVB X Nails Inc. is something in a completely different category.
This bottle of Judo red felt a lot more luxurious than Nails Inc.'s usual. Of course I adore the nail brand anyway, they just happened to completely kill it with this collaboration and by kill I mean create something phenomenal. This bottle was heavier, looked better and the quality was beyond all expectations. 
I opted for Judo red (or should I say Santa did) as I planned to have a VVB manicure as I entered the New Year, red is both festive and statement making. 
The colour is bright, vivid and has a splash of orange in to make it just that little bit unique and special. The colour glided on and the brush was perfect, the only problem was trying to keep that bottle crisp white!

One week on and my nails are just beginning to chip, and by chip I mean the tiniest possible amount.
I was a little naughty and did not use a top coat so for this mani to stay like this without any touch ups is a dream.
I know I will find myself buying Bamboo white darlings, it's on trend and if this is anything to go by you will not want to miss out.

Purchase here:
(These are also available in a duo, here £45)   

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