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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Power players, Rule breakers, Dreamers

The dawning of a New Year inevitably triggers thoughts, feelings and curiosity surrounding accomplishment and achievement. Everyone discusses the turbulence the globe suffered last year (no explanation needed), but few mention the many things that 2017 brought to many. 
From the Women's March in January to the passing of gay marriage laws in Australia, weeks ago, we celebrated together and in sync with one another. Last year we saw the many marginalised step through the boundaries and into an arena where voices were heard and listened to. Voices that liberated many, encouraged others and brought cause to the very forefront of discussion. These voices had no set background, they were hidden within the many depths of everyday society.
This was just the start. 

It feels like the bar for 2018 is incredibly low however this statement could not be more wrong. We live in a world that changes by the second. Roles are reversed, dreams are shattered and many feel taken aback by rules that are imposed on them. This is not ok, but what is also not ok is this acceptance. 

To be powerful is to strive for success and drive an attitude into a mindset where one will not stop. There is no story or generic background to the definition of power. 
Rules are imposed to regulate, with the potential of restriction. There is a difference between living in harmony amongst one another and sacrificing fundamental rights.
Dreams are visions that keep your going, a reminder of your existence and a look towards the future. 
There is no world without them.

Every single individual has something to strive for whether this is upon themselves, collectively or in a greater picture. Goals do not need materialism to build their foundations, they need a mindset.
So to the power players, rule breakers and dreamers, this one is on you.
Each and everyone of you. 
This is a reminder to keep fighting for what you believe in, to embrace change, have a voice and stand your ground because whatever you encounter no one, not one single person, can take these from you.

Happy New Year my darlings.
Let's make it count.

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